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Игра Rise of the Tomb Raider на ПК выйдет раньше, чем ожидалось
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Battlefield Hardline не сходит с вершины британского чарта третью неделю подряд
Компания GFK Chart-Track обнародовала данные о продажах видеоигр за минувшую неделю на территории Соединённого ...
Авторы модификации к Battlefield 2 разрабатывают реалистичный шутер Squad
Если вы играли в шутер от первого лица Battlefield 2, то, вероятно, могли слышать о любительской модификации ...
Всё, доигрались. Blizzard Entertainment приступила к блокировке аккаунтов крымчан
Вслед за новостью о резком повышении цен на свою продукцию для граждан России компания Blizzard Entertainment ...
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Прохождение на Discworld 2 (стр. 1 из 3)   

Прохождение на Discworld 2 (стр. 1)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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Getting 4cc of Mouse Blood

Go to the High Energy Facility at the University and take the test tube off
the machine on the bench. Then go to the Shades and the Troll's Head Pub.
Talk to Casanunda at the bar and ask him about his ladder. Go to the Mortuary
next door and look at Granny on the slab. Go back to Casanunda and talk to him
again. Tell him about Granny. Casanunda gives you his ladder.

Go to the table to the left and talk to the vampire. (You might as well get
the matches off the bar whilst you're there. They will be needed). Then talk
to the Troll behind the Bar. He gives you a Tankard of Ale.

Go to Gimlets in the shades (to the right of the down and outs). Sit at the
table and read the menu. Call over Gimlet and talk to him. Then ask about
Candy Rock and then order a burger. You now have your mouse.

Go and talk to Dibbler at the cinema and ask him about popcorn. When you get
your popcorn, use the tankard on it to make alcohol soaked corn.

Go to the University garden and use the corn on Rooster perched on the maze.
You should now have a Rooster.

Go back to the Shades and make your way to Foul Ron's fire. Use the can that's
in the fire on the Rooster. You now have a sober Rooster. Take the Rooster and
use it on the Vampire sat at the table. When he's flown off head for the
Cemetery. Go all the way to the right of the Cemetery and into the Crypt.

Use the ladders on the slab to get to the top. Then take the teeth and use
them on the mouse. Use the bloody teeth on the test tube. You now have 4cc of
mouse blood.

Getting some Glitter

Get the bellows from the High Energy Facility. Go to the fools Guild and go
down the hole in the pavement. Once underneath go left. Use the bellows on the
grate in the ceiling and the glitter falls through.

Getting Three Sticks of Equal Length

Go to the mortuary and pick up the knife from next to the slops. Go to the
shop and get the Flamingo (Just double click it) also get the stuffed fish
from the counter whilst you're there.

Go to the docks and cut the net with the knife. Take the Shark from the water.
Now use the stuffed fish on the bird on the roof. Get this bird from the water
when it stuns itself.

Go to the University Garden.
Use the shark on the Bursar.
Use the flamingo on the Dean.
Use the wading bird on the Librarian.
You now have your three sticks.

Getting a Vile Smell

Get the magnet from the High Energy Facility. Go to the far right of the Garden
and use the magnet on the imp in the birdhouse. You should have a pair of imp
sized boots.

Go into the left hand end of the Shades and then into the open door. Look at
the Genie Bottle on the window sill and then double click on Mrs Cake to talk
to her. The sequence for the conversation is Sarcasm, Question, Muse and then
Talk. Ask about the bottle and then ask about ectoplasm.

To get your ectoplasm go to the fools guild and question the Fool. Pick up the
brick from by the hole and use it on the fool. He should now haunt the brick.

Take the brick to the High Energy Facility and use it on the accelerator. This
provides you with your ectoplasm which you take to Mrs Cake in the Shades. In
return for the ectoplasm you get the Genie Bottle.

Go to Foul ole Ron and talk to him. Ask him about the boots. Put the imp boots
in the bottle and then use the bottle on the smell. We now have a vile smell.

Getting Some Dribbly Candles

Go to the shop. Take the incense off the counter. Ask the old woman about
candles and she sends us off to get beeswax.

Go and see Dibbler and be sarcastic to him. He'll give you a pamphlet about
the Clickys. Go to the Troll's Head Pub in the shades and get the matches (if
you haven't already got them) from the left end of the bar.

Go to Mrs Cake's and take the petticoat from the dummy at the left end of the
shop. Then go to Gimlets and get the Chillies off the table. Now go to the
University Garden and head for the left hand side of the knob. (!)

Question the bee keeper then, after Rincewind has walked off in disgust, go
back and give the keeper the clicky pamphlet. When the keeper leaves you have
the hives all to yourself.

Now use the chillies on the flowers, this makes the bees sweat. Use the
petticoat on Rincewind and then light the incense using the matches. Use the
smoking incense stick on the bees. When the bees are smoked out (man) double
click the hive to get some dribbly wax. Take this wax and give it to the woman
in the shop.

I've got all the items for the rite, now what?

Now take them all to the Archchancellor in the Dining Room; give them to him,
sit back and enjoy.

Getting myself Dead

We need to find a way to get ourselves to XXXX where death is. Go to the
Shades and question the Dead Collector. Go to the mortuary and talk to the
Mortician - ask him about being dead.

Go and get the saw off the wall from behind Chicken Man, go to Mrs Cakes and
saw the arm off the dummy on the left of her shop.

Go to the Cemetery and get the pick. Now go to the fools guild and then go
underground. Go to the right and then go up. Use the pick on the ice. When you
have the ice make your way back to the Mortuary.

In the Mortuary take the mirror off the bench, use it on the bunsen burner and
then put it back on the bench. Double click the empty slab and Rincewind
climbs on. Now use the ice on Rincewind, then use the wooden arm on him. Then
talk to the Mortician who will test you for being dead. When he certifies you
take the ticket out and show it to the Dead Collector. We're now off to XXXX!

Getting Novelties

Go to Holywood, head to the right and get the weight hanging from the rope.
Next get the sticker with ten on it off the mail box.

Go to Ankh and thence to the docks. Put the weight on the hook and stick the
10 sticker on the weight. Double click the weight and when it has smashed the
wall pick the novelties up off the jetty.

Страницы: 1 2 3

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