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Прохождение на Discworld 2 (стр. 2 из 3)   

Прохождение на Discworld 2 (стр. 2)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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Getting a Babe

Go to the far right of Holywood. Look at the trailer door then talk to the
Troll - ask him about the key. He gives you the key, so unlock the door and
go on through.

Talk to the Milk Maid and ask her to star in our clicky. Before she'll do it
we need to get a diamond for her ring...

Go to Djelibeybi and in to the market square. Try and take the candy rock and
then talk to the rock seller. Ask about the candy rock. We need the rock that
the women have taken so...

Go up from the rock seller, past Uri Djeller and round the back. Take the
stake from the ground and make your way back to the Ankh and the University

Go to the Bird House. Here you will find the Suffrajester. Put the stake in
the compost and she will tie herself to it. Now you have her! Take her back to
the stoning place in Djelibeybi and put her and the stake in the hole. (Sit
back and enjoy the next bit.......don't touch that escape key!)

Now you have the candy rock. Take the rope from the stake and head back to

Give the rock to the Troll. After he's hurt his tooth use the rope on him. You
now have a diamond. Take this in to the Milk Maid. You have your Babe!

Getting a Jingle and a Band

Go to Djelibeybi and then to the Camels. Talk to the salesman and ask him
about the Camels. Next go to the market square and talk to Uri Djeller. Ask
him about Jingles and he'll point out a new location on the map called

Leave Djelibeybi and go to the hill. Talk to the middle skeleton, Bone Idle,
and ask about Jingles. Use the knife on Bone Idle to cut all the skeletons

Go to Cartwheel and talk to S T Ungulant. Ask him about Jingles. Bugger! We
need to find out WHY?

Finding out WHY?

Go to XXXX (off the left hand side of the sea on the main map). Talk to
Dibbjla and he'll give you a boomerang. Try to take a basket and then talk to
Dibbjla again. Ask about the baskets and he'll give one to you. Go far right
and get back on the ship (note the ant nest as you go).

Go to Ankh and from the University dining room fill the picnic basket with
food. Then go to the shades and get the pot from next to the Chicken Man.

Go to the University Garden and collect all the croquet hoops. When you've got
all of them go to the hives (on the left of the knob). wear the petticoat and
then light another incense stick. Use the stick on the bees. Use the pot on
the hive to collect some honey.

Head back to XXXX and go to the ant hill. Use the Picnic Basket on the ant
hill. You've now got a basket full of ants.

Go to the Market Square at Djelibeybi and use the hoops on Uri Djeller - he
straightens them. Go into the shop by the main gate and take the poster off
the wall. Use these plans on the metal pieces to make a pyramid.

Go to Ankh and thence to the High Energy Facility at the University. Use the
Picnic Basket on HEX. (You may need to chat to Skazz here to get the name from
machine to HEX. or maybe not!). Use the honey pot on the basket. Use the
pyramid on HEX. Now talk to Skazz and ask the question.

Now you have the answer so it's back to Cartwheel. Give the answer to Ungulant
in exchange for the Jingle.

Got all the above, now what?

Take everything to Dibbler at Holywood. (Go to the far right and up past the
Troll and security barrier.).

How do I get Death out of makeup?

Go to make up, which is just to the left of the Piano. After a bit of non
interactive dialogue we find we need a picture of the Elven Queen. Before we
set out go back into make up and talk to the girl. She tells us to talk to a

Before we leave Holywood get the camera from behind the apparatus on the
table. Next look at the Imp on the water cooler then talk to the trainer. Ask
him for the Imp.

Use the boomerang on the paint by the three Imps. Now use the painted boomerang
on the imp in the scenery. When he comes back, put him in the camera.

Go to the Mortuary in Ankh. Talk to Casanunda and he'll leave. Now talk to
Granny and ask about Elves. Granny gives us another location on the map, a
Forest. Go to the Forest and then go through the Stones. Go up to the Castle.
We get booted out so let's go see Granny again. Ask Granny about the Queen's

Go to Mrs Cake's and get the scissors from the far left of the shop. Now go to
the fool's guild and get the hooter off the floor. Now back to Holywood and a
visit to the costumer. She's in the Castle just as you go into Holywood. Look
at the Horse Suit and then talk to the Dwarf. Ask about the suit - we need
some jewelry.

Go back to the main map and then head for the Pyramid. Use the scissors on the
bandage and then use the bandage on the wooden arm. Also take the pot from the
foot of the coffin.

Leave the Pyramid and go to the Oasis. Swap the wooden arm for the rotten arm
and then go back to Holywood.

Double click the rotten arm to get the ring off and then take this to the
Dwarf in Costumes. Now we have the Horse Suit. Now make it into a Unicorn Suit
by using the glue on the hooter and then using the hooter on the suit.

We need a second person so go to Ankh and then the University Dining Room.
Talk to the Librarian and tell him about the suit. Now use him on the suit.

Go to the forest. Make sure the Camera is in Rincewind's inventory. Now select
the Unicorn / Librarian and double click the stones to go through. When
through, use the suit on Rincewind and we're off to the Castle. When in the
Castle use the Camera on the Queen (don't look at her yourself). Once the
pictures are in our grasp it's time to leave.

Go back to Holywood and give the film to the Makeup girl. Put the leftover
pictures in the luggage and go and talk to Dibbler again to start filming.

I need a Stunt Double

Go to Mrs Cake's in Ankh and take the ironing board out of the closet at the
left of her shop. Leave the shop and knock on the door over the street using
your death certificate. When the talking stops open the closet door and talk
to the sheep. Ask it about being a Stuntman.

We need to prove the sheep is from abroad so let's go to XXXX. On the beach
cut the legs off the ironing board using the saw. Now put glue on the board
and then use the board on the surf (keep trying until you catch a wave).

Take pictures of the cave paintings (the camera is probably still in
Rincewind's inventory). Go back to the meeting of the dead in Ankh and give
the pictures to the sheep in the closet. Now we can finish filming.

Страницы: 1 2 3

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