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Советы на Dark Forces 2 {English} (стр. 1 из 2)   

Советы на Dark Forces 2 {English} (стр. 1)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


Страницы: 1 2

Level 1

Secret 1 - After passing the first fan, go down the corridor noticing the platform to the right with the Gran on it. Go down to the platform and you'll
notice the slanted ramp. Jump up onto the ram and climb up to the upper ledge. Fall through the hole, grab the items and continue past the fan.
You'll go up a ramp then up and elevator.

Secret 2 - After reaching another fan later in the level, there is a door in front of you. Opening the door you will see 3 containers. From the
bridge, look down to the right and you will see a ledge with 2 shields and a Gran on it. Make sure you have enough health, run (and jump if you
need to) to the ledge. (Don't worry, there's health on the other side).

Secret 3 - You will then reach an area with the 45 degree lift. Take the left up, and before you reach the top, take the a hole in the wall on the

Secret 4 - After taking the large cargo lift to the upper level, you will go down a corridor that leads to a bridge. If you continue forward, you will
see a tie bomber. Go back to the bridge and look to the right. You will see a 4 gaps. You can walk and jump across them or simply run to the
other side.

Secret 5 - Above the room with all the boxes, position yourself so the ramp is to your left, while the room is below you. You will see a stack of
boxes, with a lower level 3 boxes wide. Run and jump to this ledge. Jump up and continue forward to a hole in the boxes.

Secret 6 - From the room with all the boxes, there is one door that leads to the end of the level. Before going in the door, turn around and go
around the boxes to your left. Take the ramp up to a small tunnel, leading to a room with 2 fans.

Level 2

Secret 1 - Go through all the ventilation shafts. Eventually you'll reach an area with a Rodian. Continue down the corridor then to the area with 2
Gran's. There will be a gap to the right where you'll see the 4 engines of a large ship. Look down, and you'll see a small ledge below your. Slowly
and carefully step forward over the ledge and move backwards as you land on the lower ledge.

Secret 2 - After getting the red key, you'll come to an area with a ramp leading to a red room. Continue to the area with 2 boxes and the Grans.
Go up the ramp and jump to the box with the red lines. If your turn your light on, you'll notice a ledge in the back corner. Jump to the ledge.

Secret 3 - You will reach an area with 2 forks sticking out into a large open area. Don't move any of them. Instead, take the fork on the right. Run
to the edge and jump for the lower level, aim for the triangle in the corner. Make sure your healed up before you jump. Go back to the forks
against the wall and take the left one to the room with the Gonk in it.

Secret 4 - A door will open to a room with boxes in it. Climb the stack of boxes on the left then run and jump to the stack on the right.

Secret 5 - You will reach an elevator going up to a cargo belt and a second elevator. From the first elevator, try to get onto the window ledge on
the right which will lead to an area below the conveyor belt. You can also walk off the second elevator to reach this area.

Secret 6 - From the 2nd elevator jump onto the box, then jump to the area above the red room.

Secret 7 - Take the 2nd elevator, but before you reach the top you should notice a ledge to the left. Take this ledge to the ledge on the far side of
the room.

Secret 8 - After going up the last ramp, turn around and take the ledge on the left to the back wall. Turning right you can jump to a small room.

Level 3

Secret 1 - From the from of Morgan's house. Turn 180 degrees around from the door. You'll see a Tusken and a dark wall behind him. Shoot the

Secret 2 - Go up the hill to the left of the house, and in the back corner, you will again see a dark wall. Shoot it.

Secret 3 - Fall down along with the wooden plank and open the door. Move forward then right and shoot the Tusken. You'll see a crack in the wall
on the right. Shoot the wall.

Secret 4 - Enter the green area where the door requires the red key. Turn around and go down the corridor to the dead end and shoot the crack
in the wall on the left.

Secret 5 - Go up stairs and open the door to the hallway with the 2 Tuskens. The second cubby hole has a darker wall. Shoot it.

Secret 6 - Enter the tunnel to the right of the waterfall. About halfway up the ramp, if you turn your light on, you'll see a room on the right.

Secret 7 - You'll reach an area with water and electricity running through it. (Lava maybe?). Make sure your health is high. Move forward into the
water and turn around 180 degrees, you'll see a room in the corner under the water. Get out as soon as you can.

Secret 8 - Hopefully you'll have some battery power left as you enter the mines. About halfway through, there's a little room on the right.

Level 4

Secret 1 - Reach the area with the water and follow the current to the grate. Use your lightsaber to cut it open.

Secret 2 - Take the waterfall down, cut open the grating, then try to get out of the water onto the platform as soon as possible. Take out the
Tuskens and follow the platform to the right. If you look up you'll see a hole in the ceiling. If you were to fall off the waterfall here, you will die.
Instead, use force speed to run and jump to the ledge on the other side of the gap. Turn around and you will see a slight elevation that you can
climb as long as force speed is on.

Secret 3 - Take the water ducts down, and keep looking below to make sure there is ground below you. Don't take the water to the final pool or
you'll miss the secret area. Before the main pool, make sure you've gotten off the water duct.

Secret 4 - From the area of secret 3, walk off to the ledge below and go straight across the ledge. If you happen to end up on the lower level, you
can take the elevator back up to the ledge. If you happen to get to the pool where the water ends up, you can follow the duct and the ledge on the
left to get to the same area.

Secret 5 - You will reach another duct with water. Following this you will complete the first objective. As soon as you can, jump out of the duct and
take out the Tuskens. Follow the left edge of the duct and you will see a corner of the duct with a ramp leading down. Take the ramp.

Secret 6 - Eventually you'll come to a water area with 4 water cyc's. In the middle of this area, under the water, to the right is a tunnel leading to a
secret room.

Level 5

Secret 1 - At the start of the level, go in the middle of the pool and go straight down the tunnel.

Secret 2 - Enter the first building on the left when you reach the city area. Go up the stairs, and to the left. You'll see a crack in the back corner.
Use a thermal detonator to open the wall.

Secret 3 - Cross the bridge, and follow the path to the right through the tunnel to the right and up a small ramp. You'll see the courtyard below
you. Jump down and head straight keeping the wall to your right. You'll see a building with an awning over the door in front of you. Enter the
building and kill the 2 Grans inside. The corner on the left will have cracks in it. Use a thermal detonator.

Secret 4 - In the main round courtyard you'll see a board up against the wall. Walk up to it and move it.

Secret 5 - Go through the main building in the courtyard, get upstairs, and to the awning before the roof that goes around the courtyard. Go up
the ramp to the bar, and enter the bar. In the left corner of the stage, you'll see the familiar cracks. Get the detonator out.

Secret 6 - After going onto the roof area around the circular courtyard, follow it to the other side. Go down the ramp and you will see two stone
slabs making a ramp with a chair on it. Use force speed then jump over the slab to the upper room.

Level 6

Secret 1 - When you get to the area with the ramps leading down into the water, turn the light on. Use a detonator to get right of the sequence
charge, then go down the ramp. Turn left. Go down the ramp under water. Do not go straight yet, instead, continue turning left and you will see
another ramp going down. Follow this to a room with a shield and 2 health boxes. Look in the upper corners, you'll see a hole. Swim up and
enjoy the rail gun, and the only secret in this level.

Level 7

(There are no secrets in this level)

Level 8

Secret 1 - Take the elevator down and finish off the two Stormtroopers. Go to the back of the room and go left, you'll see the small hallway to the
hidden room.

Secret 2 - Enter the ventilation shaft, from one of the two openings in the green area to the left. Inside the metal air duct, in-between these two
openings, shoot the floor.

Secret 3 - Continue down the ventilation shaft and you'll see a rusted section on the left before you reach the metal grate. Use the saber to cut it

Secret 4 - You will get to an area with a wind tunnel. Use force speed to get to the source of the tunnel. Looking up from the tunnel, you will see a
small hole in the one of the sides. Wait for the air to build up a bit then use normal jump to get into the hole.

Secret 5 - Use the wind tunnel to get to the other side. If you turn away from the grate after getting over, come out and look to the left, you'll notice
a ledge. Take this ledge around the entire building and you'll come to a ventilation shaft. Use the saber to get in. Make sure you have force
speed, you'll need it to get back against the wind current.

Level 9

Secret 1 - Work your way through the beginning and you'll come across and area with a large pipe. You have to crouch under it to move on. On
the right side you'll see a ledge, leading to the corner and a path taking you to a hidden room.

Secret 2 - After getting the yellow key. Open the locked door and take the left path to the little bunker. Jump on top of the bunker.

Secret 3 - Enter the bunker and take the elevator inside down. When you come out look up and to the left and notice the small hole. Jump inside.

Страницы: 1 2

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