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Коды на 3 Sisters Story (стр. 1 из 2)   

Коды на 3 Sisters Story (стр. 1)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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Table of Contents

I. Intruduction\News
II. Walkthrough
III. Misc. Info
IV. Contributers
V. How to Contact Me

Section I-Introduction\News

As you read through this walkthrough, please keep in mind that this
is my first one I have written, so it might not be top quality. So if
you have something to send, don't hesitate and e-mail me.

John Maurer is the man. He sent me an awesome guide on how to get the
girls in the school. It is in the Misc. Info section. Im leaving both up
there to let you decide which to read, plus their both good.

Section II-Walkthrough

Note: whenever I say "look, talk, ask, and or think about everything"
I mean that you should keep clicking the same choice untill the person
says the same thing, then move on to the next one. Eventually you will
say/see/think all there is, and the game will continue. Don't get it?
You will once you start playing :)

Note 2: wherever you see a symbol in two arrows ( for example),
it means check the misc. info for the symbol. It means something extra
could be done there, and the symbol refers to what it is.

HOW TO SAVE: This is how to save, as I get many e-mails asking how.
To save you must right-click when a menu choice is up (like to talk,
look, etc.). It will bring up a menu to save, load, and quit. It gives
you 5 spaces to save.

The game starts out at the Okamura house. Look, talk, ask, and think
about everything. After that, Yuki will leave. Look and think about
everything. Then Emi will appear. Look, talk, ask, and think again. Risa
should then appear. Again, talk, look and think. You will then go to

When you get to school, choose go home. You will notice Emi is not
around. You have to go find her. This part is a pain in the ass. From
what I can figure out, you have to walk around randomly until she
finally appears. But make sure while your exploring you go to room 4-d :)
I know that the end of the part is you have to go outside to the school
yard. Think about the rack team, then talk to them. ??? should then
appear. Then go back to room 2-B. You will automatically leave then. If
anyone have a definite way of getting past that part, please e-mail me.
After going to room 2-B, you will go to the park. Choose its cold and
move closer. You will then go back to their house.

At the house, you will see Eiichi raping Yuki. After a bit of talking
you will be back at your house. Look and think about everything. You will
then setup a meeting with Eiichi. Look and talk about everything. You
will wind up back at your house. Again think and look at everything.
After that, Yuki will call. You will then go to her house. Talk to her.
When it comes up, choose if you want to take her. This will start the
first sex scene of the game, if you choose take her.

The next day starts at the Okamura house. Look, talk, ask, and think
about everything. You will then go to school. Again, you have to find
Emi. Just explore everywhere, then go to room 2-B. Emi should be there.
If not, go outside and try talking to everyone there. You will then go
back to her house. When you get the option, choose change clothes. When
you go back to her house, choose peek. Then, when you get the chance,
look, talk, and ask about everything. Then go to downtown. After a bunch
of talking, you enter the lingerie pub. Talk, look, and ask about
everything. After some more talking, look and talk to everyone. Choose
exit. After more talking, choose lie. Choose it a few more times. You
will go into the park.

When you enter the park, look and listen to them. Approach until you
can't anymore. Then look. When the option comes up, choose chase. Then
choose don't move. When their done, choose chase. You will then leave the
park and go back to your house. Look and think about everything. After
that the next day will start.

After talking with them, look, talk, and think about everything. You
will be at school. Choose exit and go to the teachers office. Talk to
Sensei until you leave the room. Keep talking to her and asking her
stuff. Then think. After that go to the nurses office. Ask about Chie
and Yuko. Then leave and go to room 1-A. Talk to Risa. You will go home.
After talking you will go back to the school.

At the school, think, talk, and look. Then go to the night office.
Think, then peek. Keep peeking. When you can, choose take twice, if you
want to. After your done, you will go back to your house. Look and think
about everything.

The next day is Risa's birthday. Look and talk about everything.
Eiichi will now come to the party. Choose to hit him. Answer the phone.
Choose yes. You will end up in your house again. Look and think about
everything. Risa will then come. Look and talk to her. Choose take her.

NOTE: At this point I lost some of my notes... the next part should
be from soon after the take her part, but it might not. So your going
to have to figure it out yourself until the next part comes up.

I'm not exactly what your supposed to do now, just kiss and touch
until put in appears. Choose it. Then choose move. It will be the next
day. Choose think a couple of times until Yuki appears. Then look,
speak, ask, and think about everything. Emi will then appear. Look,
speak, and think about everything.

After that you will arrive at school. Exit the room and go to the
teachers room. Talk to her until she makes you leave. Go back to room
2-B and go home. You will then go back to your house. Look, think, and
get ready. Then looks and think again. You will then go downtown. Think.
Then go to the fashion health. Choose choose, then pick Aki. Look,
speak, and think. Choose kiss and touch until she comes. Ask and think
now. Then choose tell all when it comes up. Then choose ask and one
other thing. You will then leave.

Next, go to the lingerie pub. Look, and talk. You should then leave.
Go to the park. Keep choosing wait. Look and them, then choose use
microphone. Then choose look. Choose follow. Choose use and then look.
Then listen. You will end up at a meeting with Mana. Choose hell yes.
Choose sit back and relax. Then choose do as she wants. Choose ask. You
will then meet up with Yuki. You goto the park. Choose tell the truth.
You will go back to your house.

Emi will be there. Look and speak. Choose tell all. Now just keep
choosing caress. Then choose talk. Choose undress. Choose a couple of
options until finish comes up. Choose it. You will then be back in
school. Goto the teachers office. Talk to her. Then show evidence. Then
choose embrace twice. After that, go to room 2-B and go home. You will
then go back to the park. Keep choosing think and wait. You will then go
to the Kaisan Company.

Страницы: 1 2

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