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Прохождение на Versailles (стр. 1 из 2)   

Прохождение на Versailles (стр. 1)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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A full walkthrough for Versailles by the (POOMAF).


-Turn right to the door and click on it. You can't return to this room till the end of this act.

-In this room now, look at the picture upper to the fireplace.

-Click on vase number three from the left; take key number one from it.

-Turn back to the door behind you.

-Turn back and speak with "Charles Le Brun" the artist which his sketches has been stolen. Let hem get out by offering him to take a look for his sketches.

-Turn right to face two doors go to the left one and get down.

-Click on the curtain to get some light.

-Turn right to the cupboards, open wardrobe # 2 take the scissors, turn right more to wardrobe # 5 take pamphlet A.

-Get out to find your self up in the 'First Antechamber', click on the door which leads you to the 'Bassano Antechamber'.

-Turn right to the door next to the large window and click on it.

-You'll find your self up, now go straight a head to room

-Look at the casket, use the scissors on the casket. Look at the desk where the flamed candle use the paper from the casket on the candle, take the blank paper.

-Get back down to the 'Bassano Antechamber' you'll see that the door to the 'Bed Chamber' is opened, get inside.

-Speak to the "Ushers" the man who stands beside the door.

-Tell him that "Monsieur Bontemps" awaits your report.


-Turn right to the door and pass into it, face the King's bed, speak to "Monsieur Bontemps" he'll ask you to go to "Madam De Maintenon".

-Turn left and pass the door to the 'Bassano Antechamber', turn right and pass the door to the 'First Antechamber', you'll face the two doors now choose the right door and pass into it to the 'Guard Room', click on the door opposite to you. You'll be in front of "Madam De Maintenon'" room.

-Show the Usher 'Pamphlet A' and he'll give you 'Pamphlet B', then speak to hem and tell him "May I enter#" then "Can you give the Marquise#" then "Tell the Marquise#". Now get back to 'Bed Chamber'.

-Show "Monsieur Bontemps" the 'Transformed Paper from the casket', say good-bye and turn left to the cupboard and click on it take a candle and the key.

-Get back to the 'Bassano Antechamber' and use the key on the right cupboard, and take the sketches, turn left pass the door to the bed chamber, then to the "King's Salon", "Monseigneur" will speak to you speak to hem till he asks to see the sketches, show them to him then face right to the opened door.

-when you pass this door you'll be in the 'Hall Of Mirror' turn a little right then go forward twice to the 'Salon Of War' here you'll see "Charles Le Brun" again, give him the sketches folder and he'll give you one of them.

-Use that sketch on the small table next to hem, use the brush on the golden color and paint the sketch, get out from 'Salon Of War' and you'll see "Monsieur Bontemps" just out side the door to your left.

-You could give him the fake sketch, but you've better take a walk straight to

the end and mention the hidden door to your left, cause you'll use this door at the end of the game. Now you could give "Bontemps" the sketch.


-Turn left and speak with the Swiss Guard, say "May I Enter?".

-Now turn right to face the door, exit it, exit this Salon 'Salon Of Venus' to get to 'Salon Of Diana', look at the billiard table to your left and take the billiard cue, which is on the table, turn right and exit to 'Salon of Mars', exit this Salon also till you get to 'Salon Of Apollo'.

-Have a good look near the fire place just between the two pictures at the corner, when you see that your courser changes which means that you could go there, then do it go and have a better look at the wall and you'll find that your courses has changed again, now you may click there# Oops, I forgot to tell you that this door is locked, anyway here's the solution.

-Get back to 'Salon Of Venus' where is the billiard table, face the billiard table then click on the right door, mention the man standing with the woman in front of you, you'll need him later his name is "Jean Racine".

-Now get down using the "Ambassadors' staircase", speak with that Swiss guard and tell hem "Do you have the key#" then "I am on a mission#"

-Take the key and get back to "Salon of Apollo" and use the key which you've got from the Swiss guard on this door.

-Turn left and go forward, see that auto vision and that wearied man hiding that key inside that desk, now click your pointer on the musical notes till you find the musical score.

-Go forward and use the musical score on "Jean Baptiste Lully" tell hem "Might you be able#" then "Perhaps I#" then "I am at your#" then "right away".

-Get back to 'Salon Of Mars and get the weird mans Key, now do you remember the man I told you that you'll need hem later (Jean Racine) who has to be standing outside near "Ambassadors' staircase" go and have a

little talk with him.

-Get back to "Jean Baptiste Lully" and have a talk tell hem "I found Monsieur#" then "Have you finished.." he'll tell you to get back to "Jean Racine", OK get back to hem.

-Have an other conversation with him then get back to "Jean Baptiste Lully" say anything or say "Monsieur Racine declares#" then "Have you #".

-Take the Musical Score and this time instead of turning right turn left to face the entrance of 'Salon Of War' have a look at the small table beside the scaffoldings and take the Plain Paper and the Charcoal Pencil, then go to 'Salon Of Diana', choose the right door then get down by the stairs till you face the "Swiss Guard". Get out from palace turn left, go straight.

-Turn left here and have a little talk with "Monsieur Bontemps", tell hem "Monsieur Lully has#" then show hem the Musical Score. Now ask him to give you permission to get to the small room in 'Salon of Abundance', get back upstairs using the right staircase then turn back to face that open door.

-When you are in give the permission "Authorization" to the Swiss Guard at your right, then click on the door to get in.

-Once you've entered this small room click on the tables' drawer in front of you, then use the plain Paper which you've got from 'Salon Of War' on the medals collection of the King, then use the Charcoal Pencil on the Paper.

-Now take that "Reproduction" to 'Salon Of Diana' and give it to the man standing next to the billiard table "Monsieur".

-Go to 'Salon Of Apollo' and give to the man standing there "Marquis De Crossy".

-Go to 'Salon Of Abundance' and speak to the Swiss Guard in front of you.


-You are now in the 'Hall Of Guards' facing a door, exit to that door, now go to the right door, turn right then use the stairs to get down.

-Now look behind you and have a look at what this blue boy has and take a small piece of it.

-Exit the view and look left and use the stairs again to get down then to Royal courtyard.

-Turn right and get out of the Royal courtyard, turn right to face the Ministers wing and enter it.

-You are now inside the Ministers wing to your right "Louvois" office and to your left "Croissys" office.

-Enter "Croissys" office and select the food from your inventory and use it on him.

-Take your cursor a little right on the books on the second shelf and click there to get pamphlet D.

-Take a look on the contents of "Croissys" desk don't look at the map now cause you won't need it right now, take the feather pin (QUIL)t hen use it on the paper.

-Use the quil on the paper then click on the letters by the following numeric order starting from the left : 1-7-5-12-11-13-31-25-26-17-20.

Which will mean the following: "FOX AND CRANE".

-Take this Epigraph and return to the 'Hall Of Guards' and show "Monsieur Bontemps" Pamphlet "D" first then show him the Epigraph.

-Get back to the Ministers wing and now enter the right office which is "Louvois" office and once you're inside his office turn back and take the telescope then turn back again to his disk and have a look at it, Open the drawer and take the small memo.

-Exit this view and have a look at your left under the book shelves and notice a small crack on the bottom of the wall near the floor.

-Optional: you could go through the long steps or you could use this short-cut to take the plans from the secret hide-place of "Monsieur Louvois", if you want to take the short cut then use the following combinations to unlock that hide-place: first line=1643, second line=1674, third line=1668.

-Go back to the 'Hall Of Guards' and hear what does these two men are saying and notice the number or the year which they will mention and write it down.

-Go to the 'Antechamber' using the door where the Usher is standing, then exit to the 'Hall Of Mirrors' look up and use your telescope on the selling two time one in front of you and the next time it's behind you and write these Numbers.

-So now you've got three dates which is (1643) (1674) (1668).

-Goo back to "Louvois" office in the Ministers wing, and open the safe or the hide place which you saw before and use these three dates as a combination, and take the two plans from there.

-Go to "Croissys" office and use these two plans on the plan which is already on his disk. That will create the word "the duck and the diamond".

-Get back to "Monsieur Bontemps" and on your way "Madam De Maintenon" will give you Pamphlet "E". Take it and give it to "Bontemps".


-In this room turn left and click on the big drawing on the wall then use your billiard cue on the Pamphlet located on the right side of this drawing.

Страницы: 1 2

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