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Прохождение на Dragonshpere (стр. 1 из 4)   

Прохождение на Dragonshpere (стр. 1)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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FOREWORD: We had numerous enquiries for a solve on this game, particularly
by some sceptics who wouldn't believe that it's operational at all!
In order to remove the last doubts on this we quickly wrote this
walkthrough. Have fun!
(If you follow these steps, you should end the game with
248/250 points)

DEDICATION: This solve is dedicated to our very special friends at RAZOR
who obviously cannot differentiate between a password !PROTECTION!
and a riddle which takes brains!

So if you guys have time and check out this SOLVE

At the beginning of the game you will find yourself lying on your bed in
the King's Bedroom. Your wife, Fiona, will come to tell you about activities
in the dragonsphere. Tell her that you will meet her in the Council Room.
As it suits a well-educated man, the first thing to do after getting up is to
wash himself and get dressed. Do something good to your brain and open the
book sitting on the nightstand. You will learn about some love poems which
might come handy lateron! If you are interested in interior architecture, you
might look around a bit, however, this won't increase your score. Remembering
your date, you then should proceed to the room next door, the Queen's Bedroom.

"A woman's thoughts will always be a secret for her husband!", but not for you.
You simply cannot resist to open your wife's diaries. You're forgiven since
this action will strengthen your will to succeed in your quest. Leave this
room to the south to get to the hallway. There is nothing to be done here and
you therefore can continue to explore the castle in the Ballroom.

This place looks a mess and it will take the servant some time to clean it up.
Being a nice guy, you greet the maid and look around. Take your goblet from
the left table and pick up the bone lying on the floor to the right. Then
go on to the next room which is the throne room.

You will find your pretty suspicious brother sitting on your throne! Even if
he seems to be rather unpleasant, you should talk to him in a nice way (this is
what hurts provocing people most). When he finally left the room, you should
take a look at the dragonsphere and then enter the door leading to the meeting

Take a closer look at the bookcase. It contains a couple of books which should
attract your attention. When trying to open them you will hear a sound coming
from the east wall. Upon careful inspection of this wall, you will find that
the tapestry can be pushed away and reveals a secret door which, however,
can not be opened at this point. It's time to meet with your wife and mother.
Go back to the throne room and enter the council room to the south.

Following the conversation with your wife and mother, you should take their
presents resting on the table. Just to complete your castle exploration you
should visit the guardroom and the dungeon cell.

Both of these rooms should be visited, however, I could not find anything to
do in here. Having completed your sightseeing tour through the castle, you
should take a look at the surroundings. Return to the throne room and walk
out in the courtyard.

Again, there is nothing to be done here. Proceed to the market place.

You will find a number of interesting people here. Looking at each individual
will provide you with some useful information on their characters. To find out
about the latest news you should talk to the guard captain standing near the
castle gate.
Then talk to the shapechanger. This guy has a pretty rude tone which you should
ignore. Ask him about the boon and whether he really is a shapechanger. He will
explain the situation of the shapechangers in your country and, since mostly the
ones in charge know the least, you should ask him why this happens. Promise to
take care of his plight, if matters allow.
The next person to talk to is the Soptus Ecliptus. He will introduce himself
and will ask you to visit his people. Being interested in doing so, you must
ask him how to cross the desert and why he wants your visit at this time.
Upon your try to postpone your visit, the Soptus will teach you the first
lesson in his language.
Being the ambassador of his country, the Faerie has a lot of information for
you. Ask whether he wishes to annoy you, why to respect the Fair King, if
Fair Ones are humans, why faeries don't respect Fair Ones, why they annoy
Fair Ones, whether there is a Faerie King and where to find him and say
goodbye to the ambassador.
The last person to talk to is the merchant standing in the stall to the right.
Buy some fruit from him and talk to him again. He will tell you about rumors
going on.
Follow the road to the east. You will see a map of Gran Callahach. Select
Brynn-Fann as your next destination.

BRYNN-FANN - The Faerieland
You are standing in front of the entrance to the Faerie maze. Talk to the Faerie
sitting on the large boulder. This one is really a cheeky little devil, however,
since you are the adult here, you naturally are above things and show your best
behaviour. Greet the Faerie and ask him/her for the Butterfly King. Being
overwhelmed by so much friendliness, he/she will make the guardian of the
entry disappear so that you can now proceed into the maze.

There are 8 sprites floating around. They have names and change to three
different colors: blue, red and yellow. Each sprite will answer differently
to your questions and the responses also depend on their actual color.
Meeting the sprites means for you to solve one of the most time consuming
riddles in this game. But -- Lucky You!! Aren't you just reading a complete
game solve? So, to save you from spending a whole night on figuring out what
to do here and how to pass the guards, I will share my knowledge on this:
Try to find RALPH when he is RED. Ask him whether it is safe for you to cross.
He will respond negatively. Immediately after THIS, and ONLY THIS particular
conversation, you can pass the guards safely to find the Butterfly King.

The Butterfly King is standing on a huge mushroom. When you talk to him, you
may have the impression that this gentleman is a little confused. However,
he will teach you another lesson in the Soptus language and will make you pass
a quiz consisting of five questions. The answers are 3,1,2,3,3. The king will
give you a red powerstone required to destroy the evil sorcerer. Since this is
a great help in your quest, you should naturally thank him for his kindness.
Mr. Megabutterfly must be a fan of game shows (though I couldn't find any
TV-sets) for he has another quiz for you. The correct answers this time are
1,1,1. When being addressed, ask about the toads and about the king's knowledge
on Sanwe. Also, he will share his wisdom with you and tell you about the oracles
if being asked nicely. The first prize for winning the second quiz is a little
bird figurine. You now have time to look around a bit. Pick the crystal flower
and look at the crown guarded by the toads. Does this look familiar?
Well, there is nothing left to do here at the moment. To experience the
sensational feeling and to avoid walking all the way back, invoke your signet
ring. It "beams" you back to the market place from where you should go east
to reach the map.

At this point, you will see an insert from the castle. The dragonsphere shows
some activity and there is a conversation between your mother and your wife.

The next location to be visited is Slathan ni Patan.

Страницы: 1 2 3 4

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