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Прохождение на Dragonshpere (стр. 2 из 4)   

Прохождение на Dragonshpere (стр. 2)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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The guards are not very cooperative. Tell them that you are the king and offer
them to escort you. Find out why they call the shapeshifters dirty shifters and
ask them to escort you again. They will refuse and should be told to treat
the shifters with respect. Make clear to them that you must enter this land
and offer them something to get past (e.g. your goblet). If they suspect a
bribe you can simply explain that a king may grant his subjects boons from
time to time and that they are supposed to keep it as a deposit until your
return. Finally, you will be able to follow the path.

You will have to deal with the pool monster now. Do you remember the gift you
received from your loving wife? Throw the shieldstone on the monster. This
action will, unfortunately, cut off some tentacles but don't worry, monsters
are tough. They might come in handy for you though, so you should take them and
then follow the path to the right.

In front of the cave you can see a man sitting on a boulder. Talk to him and
ask him about the pool monster, about who he is and what he guards. In return,
he wants to know who you are. Tell him that you are King Callash and he will
ask you a question. Answer that their own hatred does not help and you will
receive a polystone from the wise man and he will tell you something about
the tower. After this conversation you will automatically enter the Cave of
Dreams, watch the vision coming up, pick up a doll lying on the floor and leave
the cave. You should now talk to the wise shifter again. He will tell you
something about the doll and you should then ask him about ALL races. When
asking about the Soptus Ecliptus, you will get your last and most important
lesson in their language. This completes your stay in Slatan ni Patan. You
must walk back to the guards rather than invoke the signet ring this time.
Pick up your deposit from the guards and return to the map.

Now, there will be a second insert from the castle. The dragonsphere is getting
more active.

You're ready to go to Soptus Ecliptus now.

In the middle of the desert you will meet a Soptus trader. Ask him for help.
He will ask "Ka Vinkiotum Tratratrashab?" which means "are you seeking death?",
therefore the answer must be no. He will then continue asking "Ka Vinkiotum
Soptus?" meaning "are you seeking the Soptus?", answer yes. Now, the trader
explains the way. From what you learnt from the wise shifter, you now know:
ECLIPTUS = West, FALLA = South and SHAB = North. The directions may differ,
when I played the game for the first time, I had to go west five times, for
the second game it was W W N W W. In any case, the last direction will start
with "POPO" meaning again. Follow the trader's directions and you will reach
an oasis where the Soptus leader currently resides.

Talk to the shaman sitting in front of the pool. Ask them about the Spirit
Plane twice and introduce yourself. He will give you another powerstone. Then
ask the guard for an audience with the Caliph and enter the tent.

Tell the Caliph that you hoped to aid each other and inform him of Tilshumet's
request to visit him. Upon his invitation for amusement you should tell him
that your time is short. Nevertheless, he will insist on gambling with you
and offers a wager. Accept it. There are three objects that can be obtained
from the Caliph. You need to win three games in order to get one object which
make 3 times 3 winnings for all objects. However, you can also gamble until
the Caliph informs you that he ran out of prizes. Following your gambling
session you should ask him for any help he may be able to provide. You will
leave the tent automatically afterwards.

Talk to the shaman again and ask him whether he will take you to Spirit Plane.
He will request some sort of payment to do that. End the conversation and
invoke your signet ring to get back to the map. The next destination is the

When you reach the mountainside, you will notice a stranger hiding behind
the large boulder. Ask him to come out. It's Llanie De Summers, the daughter
of one of your council members. When you ask her why she is so far from home,
she will offer to help you in the quest. Tell her that you wouldn't want to
endanger her and reject her offer politely. Llanie will give you an amulet
which appears to be useless. Since you've been travelling across the country
for quite some time now and feel a little lonesome, you should flatter her and
tell her that her gift will remind you of her beauty in darkness. She will
thank you in a special way for this compliment. But enough flirting now, back
to serious business. Go west and look at the waterfall. On its left side you
will find a gold nugget. Take it and enter the cave.

There are a number of questions to ask the hermit:
Who are you, What are you doing here, How did you get here, Do you know any
secrets, What do you know about the tower. Tell him that you have a score to
settle with the sorcerer and continue asking about the powerstones and their
use. This guy is an old man and needs a rest now. Leave the cave and return
to the place where you met Llanie. Climb up the rough stones.

Pick up the feathers lying to your left. Recalling the word of the wise shifter,
you now should use your sword to carve up the bird figurine into a birdcall.
Make noise with it and a shak will appear. Introduce yourself. The shak will
get mad at you but you politely ask him if they dwell in these mountains. Since
you are willing to change their situation, you should request advice on what to
do and what he means with "If you can". Then climb further.

Surprise, surprise, who is there? Llanie! Tell her off and use your sword to
attack the beast behind you. Unfortunately, there is no way to save Llanie
from falling down the mountainside. Walk to the right.

You will find another shak blocking the passage. Talk to him and tell him that
you are a friend. Point out that you will do your best to defeat the sorcerer.
He will tell you a rhyme in return. Take some mud from the ground (near the
waterfall) and go east again. You need to do some more muscle training and
climb up the mountainside.

Finally, you reached the tower. Follow the path around it until you find a door.
Upon your attempt to go through the door, you will be caught by some vines
nearby. Magical voices will decide to test whether you are friend or foe.
The answers to the three questions are: Red, his leg and beef stew. Enter
the tower.

A single eye is watching you in the entrance hall. To get past it, throw the
mud on it. Go through the right doorway.

This room is filled with more or less useless stuff. Pick up the music box
from the pedestal and take the blue stone from the dresser. Also, look at
some charts and books. Go east again to reach the laboratory.

Страницы: 1 2 3 4

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