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Коды на Druid: Daemons Of The Mind   

Коды на Druid: Daemons Of The Mind
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"Druid: Daemons Of The Mind" walkthrough by Darksheer
Well, I guess who needs step-by-step walkthrough so I just
will cover here some essentials. You should stick to some
rules not to miss something important - they are:
1) Every person you meet is either a meat for your battleaxe
or a person to interact (i.e. talk, use something on him etc)
2) Look for all orange cursor spots in game - some of them can
be missed at the first time
3) Explore all the screens - some of them can be missed at
first time
4) I'll just try to cover game for 'unfair' playing (that is
with hacked health/magic or boosted experience points - more
on that at Appendix) - that helps to slash everyone you meet
without risk to be defeated (but if you play fair you'll just
be stuck sometimes to increase your skills to defeat some guy
5) Be sure to look at corpses - some of them have more than
one item

Slash 2 green monsters and quit to bottom of the screen. You
get to the library - take all books you can & take amulet.
Look at painting (this painting is dull but almost all of them
contain new spells or useful info so I wont mention them
after this). Read all books and one of them contains a gem -
use it on amulet. Now you should be able to exit via door -
you'll be briefed by Druids & will be sent to The Common Ground
(you are here indeed).
Talk to man to find out he can sell you card for 15 coins (if
you have coins hacked then its no problem but if you play fair
you have less money now). Go up. There you can pick a bar with
which you can pick the doors to the jail. Search corpse by the
way. You may enter jail and slash a couple of monsters but I
doubt you can find something valuable here for now and you'll
eventually come to man who'll ask for your papers but you dont
have them. Ah! There is a spot at the jail screen (not inside
jail but outside - where the monsters were) with some coins
for your sake. Exit jail and go southwest. There you can kill
a man with enough coins to buy out a card from a man before.
Do it! Now go right from screen where you bought card and
you'll come in help a man in trouble. Talk with him. Explore
other screens - 2 screens to the southwest of this one you'll
find a killed man with papers - get them. The door near him
isnt available by now, sorry. Now return a screen back and go
down - you should see proprietor of gladiator's fights - show
him papers and he'll invite you to battle - go and slash 5
dorks to get a bar for Obleisks. Now return 1 screen back and
slash monster barricading your way - you'll come to map where
go to 'The Archives' area, where use card on librarian to get
through. Chat with librarian. Make sure you find a book with
bar inside - that is in first library room - where the
librarian is - at the top of the right shelf in the upper row.
Also note that if you read a book about poverty more than once
- you lose money. Also look for a book about passing the doors
through. Now you can enter door which you cannot enter since
this but before that go to book collector you helped out and
sell him a book in which you found bar for another bar. Now
you must have 4 bars for Obelisks now so go to map and travel
to 'The Quoits' area, where according to directions on Hint
Obelisk use appropriate bars on Obelisks and direct stones
inside to face a side they should (you'll figure it out by
yourself) - if you succeed a man will come and zap you to the
first island to visit : Keown.
At Keown you can instantly go to the castle and after some
slash action you'll come to Druid and have a chat with him. In
the castle you can pick up clock hand and find out that one
guy doesnt want you descend stairs, leave him for now. Let's
explore another locations at Keown - one of them is in the
forest - take a sap near the house and enter house to find out
that wine was stolen. Go to the city and explore it talking
with anyone - you can buy a pick from storekeeper, contest a
wrestling competition (after 3 kills you'll be rewarded by a
bar), find out that some guy misses his stolen knife, and find
at one of the rooms missing wine, get it. You can now return
to forest village and return wine to man. Go to Black
Mountains - kill all 3 guards, get an upgrade to your
battleaxe and enter cave, chat with miners and get an ore
sample from the wall with pickaxe. Go to the beach, chat with
man and buy a pail from him. Reenter beach and get a bottle
with note inside and fill pail with sand. Now return to
Astor's castle where man stopped your way, slash him and
descend. Use clock hand with clock to unlock doors, go into
the right door - you can pick up ladle and potion here. Now go
back and enter the left door, in the next room use ladle on
grate to obtain a black gem for your amulet. Proceed. At the
room with boat take note and dagger - return to town and show
both to man with missing knife - you'll be able to enter the
door - pick up rope and read papers here. Go back to castle
where is a guard, basin and clock - use ladle on basin to get
a bar and go to the boat. Use sap on rope and use rope on hole
in boat - you can chat with Druid who gives you a bar. Finally
slash teh guard and enter room - i have forgotten but i
suppose there's a key there. Now go to the Obelisks and use
your bars on them in appropriate order and direct them as is
inscribed on the Hint Obelisk - you return to the Common Ground.
Here talk to Druids, exit and go to the boulder on the screen
down of the book collector. Use pickaxe on boulder and get
coins. Now go to 'The Quoits' and get teleported to Aneli.
Here go southwest until you come to the map. Go to the
Havnar's cave, talk with man near entrance, enter, chat with
both men - give money to the left one, talk again with him,
you will get chance to purchase an icepick from him - do it.
Enter palace. Here at the fork go left and by the way pick an
empty vial and fill it with nectar from flower in this room -
proceed and you get stuck at the closed doors to Havnar. Now
go back to the crossroads where you can go to all locations by
map and go to the Cliffs. Here pick up a fish and use icepick
on some boulder at the left of the screen, but unfortunately
you wont be able to pick up this thing now. By your way to
cliffs you will pass by a corpse with roots, take them. Now
return to crossroads and in the center of it there is a spot
of orange colour so use your icepick on it to dig up a box.
Now go back to the Cliffs and pick up an icicle. Return to the
fork in the castle and go right and visit library, talk to
librarian, get 2 books (one of them contains a key to open a
box in your inventory). Now go to the locked doors and use
icicle on them. Talk to Havnar and get an upgrade for your
battleaxe in this room. Return to cave entrance and give root
to the man near it. He'll leave but when you'll go to the
Obelisks you'll meet see his corpse. Search it for some
roots/potions and note (encrypted!). Return to cave and use
note on the crazy man on the right - he'll make a translation.
Go to librarian and also show him this note. Finally, go to
Havnar and give note to him. Now return to Obelisks and go
back to Common Ground.
There talk to Druids and exit their room. You should see that
3 of 4 rooms on the ground floor are open - inside them click
on a fireplace to get a note, click on the clock to get a
book (read it), and take a container. Also if you are not low
on money you can buy your book out of book collector (though I
dont see any point in this). OK, go to 'The Quoits' and travel
to Rumi.
Here talk with Druid, go to the map, go to Taranis, talk to
the man at the gates, enter village, you'll see 2 men out of
their huts, talk with both of them. Pick up a branch of willow
on the ground. Now give a ring from the very beginning of the
game to the left man, he'll give you a note. Now go to the
gates and show note to the man - he directs you to the beach -
fine! Search body for jail papers, search rocks for some cash
and give note to the man. Also give him a note from the boat
in Keown ( I hope this is right ). You'll end up with Lawson's
knife. Talk to man until he is dumb. Go to the village, go
through it and head for Sulphur Caves. Here i found coins at
the rock at the very entrance of the caves, a spell with some
ladle at the table in caves, a headgear near the pillar in the
next screen, and a scientist in the next screen. Examine
papers in this room. Now use last ladle with pail of sand and
exit to the lava cave, quickly use a headgear on lava to get
protected and use ladle of sand on lava. Return to the village
and give rock from the ladle to the man to the right. He'll
polish it. Now go to the castle and here i found: an upgrade
for battleaxe, an inscription on the wall, drink from a
cauldron and you'll come to the Druid - chat with him and use
Lawson's dagger on him. Get a container at the stairs. Now
return to the Common Ground and show dagger to Druids. Leave,
examine last room at the ground floor - here you can only read
2 books. Return to Druids' room and use lens on telescope, use
telescope and click on blue thing to the left to get a star
map. Now go to the jail and show papers from Rumi beach to
jailer. Here look at the rules, exit via door to the left.
Kill man, find a key, return, use it on clock - return - you
lowered ramp. Go down, kill 3 jailers, enter cell, talk to
Kreutzer and he gives you a card. Leave cell and go down. Kill
man and dont descend stairs easily - take a nectar from your
inventory and click it on the stairs. Descend, kill 2 men and
examine Obelisks. Whoa, we need a stone. Exit jail and go to
the 'Restricted Area' - take Kreutzer's card and go to the
door - guards will let you do it. Kill monsters, talk to the
guard. Enter left door. Search for a bed with a key under
mattress. Open a locker by that bed to get a note. Back to the
guard you go. Proceed forward. Kill guard, talk to another one.
At the spaceship screen talk with Kreutzer and kill guard.
Enter briefing room and talk with everybody and kill anyone
you can. Examine blackboard for some hints. Exit research
center. Go to Aneli, there to Cliffs and use container on dug
point - you get a set of vials. Now go to Rumi and to Sulphur
Caverns - here come to scientist and give him a wooden
container which you found at Curak's castle. Use 4 vials he
gives you on 4 vials in container from Aneli - you get a fuel
reagent. Now go to Common Ground and to Restricted Area. Give
fuel reagent to scientist near spaceship. Talk with him awhile.
He'll give you a stone. Now go to the Obelisks in the jail and
use stone on recess in Obelisk. An inscription appears on one
of the Obelisks for you to step in circle. Find an 'Exit' spot
in the centre of circle. You go to Zynaryx. Here go directly
inside the castle until you find Lawson. Talk with him. He
gives you the Magic Cube. Click on altar to find out it is
portal and come to the altar - you'll come to Druids' Chamber
where you destroy them by default.
Another ending: when you bring reagent to the scientist - dont
click on him to talk for the second time but enter the
spaceship. Here insert a handle and a map into slots in panel.
Use an ore sample in your inventory on the dagger from the very
beginning of the game - you make your ore magnetized.


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