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Игра Rise of the Tomb Raider на ПК выйдет раньше, чем ожидалось
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Battlefield Hardline не сходит с вершины британского чарта третью неделю подряд
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Авторы модификации к Battlefield 2 разрабатывают реалистичный шутер Squad
Если вы играли в шутер от первого лица Battlefield 2, то, вероятно, могли слышать о любительской модификации ...
Всё, доигрались. Blizzard Entertainment приступила к блокировке аккаунтов крымчан
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Прохождение на Dust (стр. 1 из 3)   

Прохождение на Dust (стр. 1)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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General Hints: Talk as much to each character as possible without insulting them. For instance, do not ask to meet Jackalope's girlfriend, and take care to feed Bloodstone's ego. Some characters require only specific answers in order to get through a c
onversation. Listen to what each character tells you. Most information is important, although some clues and objects in the game are decoys. Gather as many items as possible, and try the items in various ways in different areas of the town. Any item
mentioned here as "explore (item) " is not significant in completing the game, but is something interesting in the environment. Characters tend to wander around a given area outside, but will be found near the buildings mentioned if you are going to meet

If you should run out of pocket money, Mr. Help will give you a little-even if you have put all your money in the bank. But, you must have more that what you started with to continue the game on the first night. The best way to do that is play Blackjack
. Save before you begin playing, and bet everything. Save again if you win, return to saved game if you lose.

There are lots of characters who will take cigars, flowers, or a sip from the jug. The ring could end up several different places, if you don't follow this walkthrough. Go back to the person you gave it to, and if they don't have it they will tell you w
here to look. If it disappears from your inventory, try Help. Some items you don't need will disappear after a time from your inventory, as well. If you give away the flowers and want more, go back to where you picked them up.
There will not always be more flowers, and the cigars are limited.

This walkthrough was designed to allow as much experience in one game as possible, and to allow a sub-plot between your character and Ruby to develop fully. Not all listed steps are necessary for game completion. The main goal for each time period is li
sted first, so if you stray from the walkthrough you will know what is expected. You may gather more than one of some items, but your inventory will only hold one of each thing. If a more detailed description might be helpful in solving some area, the c
lue is marked with an asterisk (*), and the details are found on the last few pages. This will allow you to do some thinking for yourself, while still getting as much out of the game as you can. Happy hunting!

Day 1-Evening: Get A Place To Sleep
Talk to Leroy. Try to pick up the jug. Read town signs. Pick up the jug after Leroy leaves . Confront the town dog. Talk to Mr. Help. Pick up the bone. Give it to the dog. Talk to Mr. Help again. He gives you a ring. Talk to Jackalope. You
can offer him the jug. Tell him his girlfriend sounds perfect. Get as much out of the conversation as you can. He gives you a card. Go to the end of the street to the hotel. Talk to the clerk. Go to the lobby. Save game. Talk to Laurel *. Reload
game and repeat conversation, if necessary, until she gives you a knife. Go to the red couch. Get extra money. Go upstairs and knock on Room 1. Get as much information as you can. Exit Hotel.
Go to the Hard Drive Saloon. Talk to Gus, the bartender. Buy a daquiri. Go to to Nate at the end of the bar. Buy him a drink. He will tell you a lot. Read house rules on the back door of the saloon. Save game. Play blackjack until you have ac
cumulated around $200. It is possible to get much more, but that is all you will need for the game. Say hello to Isao, the piano player. Talk to Oona. Give her the knife you got from Laurel. Ask Oona about herself, and about the piano player. Talk
to her a second time, and pay her to go upstairs. You can click on her again before you go upstairs, to get another comment.
Go upstairs in the saloon. Talk to Sophie in room 2. Knock on room 3. Save game. You may need to go through Ruby's conversation again, if you don't get results the first time. Knock on room 4 three times. Talk to Ruby*. Get saloon key. Go dow
nstairs. Play the slot machine. Save game. Play poker. You can use the ace to cheat, if you think you will not get caught. If you do get caught, reload game and try again. When you are finished, quit poker and accept a whiskey from Mez. Talk to Mez
. Talk to Nate again 3 times. Explore picture behind the bar. Have Gus fill the jug. Exit to street. Go toward the hotel.
Meet Mr. Bloodstone. Accept the cigar. Follow him to the hotel. Continue talking to him. Feed his ego, and ask a question, feed his ego again, ask another question, etc, until the questions are exhausted-then choose another subject, until you hav
e as much information as you can get from him. Quit conversation and talk to the hotel clerk. Pay him $9 for a room for 3 nights (don't give him the ring). While waiting for a room, go upstairs. Give Riviera money if he asks for it, and he will kee
p giving you information. Go to the end of the hall, outside your room, and knock on the door two times. Exit hotel. Save game.
Meet Mrs. MacIntosh. Say "I'm sorry." Get invited home. In the parlor, read letters on the mantle. Explore pictures on the wall, and the sofa. Explore book cases in the parlor, and pick up the postcards. Meet Marie, and ask as many questions a
s you can. Listen to the story about the Yuni mission. When invited to stay, decline. Exit dining room and front door. Go to the hotel. Get hotel key from clerk, and read message from Jackalope. Save game. Exit hotel, and follow Jackalope. Fight
Dale Belcher. If you do not knock him out, return to saved game and try again. After Belcher is knocked out, click on him a couple of times. Turn around and read the newspaper on the front porch of the newspaper office. Continue forward, and turn left
at the house. Go towards Leroy at the target range. Meet prairie woman, and give her $5. Talk to Leroy. Do not offer him a drink. Walk toward the hotel by the MacIntosh house. See Nate by the back fence. Talk to him. Go back to the hotel. Say go
odnight to Bloodstone and Riviera. Look out the windows in the hall and in your room. Go to bed.

Day2-Morning: Do 2 of 3 "Chores"-find boots, gun, ammo
Leave room, talk to Jackalope. Follow him. Give money to Riviera & get information. Go downstairs. Talk to Jackalope and Laurel. Apologize to Laurel if necessary, and ask what she is going to do. Eat breakfast. Take biscuits and sugar cubes.
Read paper. Explore dishes and silverware. Exit table. Explore dishes in the cupboard. Talk to Jonas Fearwitt (the hotel clerk) and Jackalope. Exit hotel.
Go across the street to Doc Rodham's and talk to her. Explore pot-bellied stove and teapot in the waiting room. There are lots of things to explore in both rooms here. Go next door to the bank and deposit some money. (note: if you do not visit th
e bank during the game, eventually you will be robbed. That's not a bad thing, if you want to see the robber. . .) Exit bank. Turn right & then left at the intersection. Pick up the pie. Go to the governor's mansion. Talk to Mrs. MacIntosh. Flatte
r her several times, then ask questions. Get as much as you can from the conversation, then insult her 5 times. She will leave. Go in the house, and up the stairs*. Observe the pair of boots by the door, but do not get them. Go into Marie's room. Ex
plore the armoire and read diary. Exit house. Go to the target range. Win harmonica.* Examine (play) harmonica. Click on guitarist to listen to his tunes.
Go behind the saloon and open the door*. Go upstairs. Talk to Sophie and give her the harmonica. Save game. Talk to Ruby*. Offer her the ring and get information about the Kid. (repeat conversation from saved game if necessary) Exit saloon by
the front door.
Go to Main Street. Talk to Marie. Enter Bolivar's General Store. Play checkers, if you wish. (when you win, he will give you hints. Game level is also level of the hint.) Explore pots & pans along back wall, scale, coffee grinder, cigars, etc.
Exit store. Go next door to the Apothecary. Talk to Mr. Watson. Explore bottles, crates, urn, posters. Exit. Enter stagecoach office. Talk to Deadnettle. Do not offer him anything. Exit.
Talk to Nate Trotter, beside the saloon. Give him a cigar. See Bloodstone near the cemetery. Get another cigar. Get more information. Go to the cemetery. Pick up flowers, read the headstones. Go into the mission. Meet the prairie woman and ge
t boots. Go to the undertaker's and give him the pie. He will give you another pair of boots. Go to the newspaper office. Note today's paper is also posted on the porch, if you did not read it at breakfast. Go inside and talk to Chet Flippo. Ask qu
estions until he stops talking. Offer him the jug, and ask more questions. Exit. Explore outhouse. Be sure to click on the seat.
Go to the livery stable. Continue your conversation until the end. Ned will leave. Explore horseshoes on the wall. Exit and go to Farmer Quist's. Wait near the well until the livery stable owner is talking to Quist. Get gun from the well. Exam
ine the gun. You can go to Help and buy balm, but if you offer it to anyone it will just cut off the conversation.

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