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Прохождение на Dust (стр. 2 из 3)   

Прохождение на Dust (стр. 2)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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Day 2-Afternoon: Finish Chores, Become Sheriff
Go to Help. Buy the history book. Read it. Note George Windfall's birth date, inside front cover. (you will have to do a little arithmetic) Go to the governor's house. Ask Marie to let you in. Answer her question. (answer may be from the hist
ory book, or from things you have been told by other characters) Go into the dining room. Take the apple from the table. Feed the parrot. Explore china cabinet. Get mask off the wall. Exit house. Note crate of bottles behind the pharmacy. Go to M
ain Street and talk to Jackalope and the Mayor.
Go to the stagecoach office. Talk to Deadnettle, then offer him the postcards. Get ammo from behind the picture of Abe Lincoln. Exit & go to the pharmacy. Talk to Watson. Pick up the handkerchief. Go to the bank. Make a deposit or withdrawal.
Talk to George Windfall, the clerk. Go to the hotel. Give Fearwitt the handkerchief. Get a chit for a free night's stay. Go upstairs to Riviera's room. Give him the chit. Get wine. Go to Room 4, talk to Bloodstone. Sell him the history book. Gi
ve him the wine. Get a box of cigars. Go to Room 2. Give Laurel the cigars. Get more ammo. Exit hotel. Go to Doc Rodham's and speak to her. Go into the bank for a deposit or withdrawal, and visit the livery for a conversation with Ned.
Go to the saloon. Have Gus fill your jug. Ask questions. Keep buying Daquiri's to get information. Speak to Oona. Go upstairs. Knock on Sophie's door. Give her the harmonica. Talk to her. Knock on Ruby's door. Nate will talk to you. Go do
wnstairs. Talk to Cobb Belcher. Play a hand of poker. Talk to Mez. Exit and go behind the saloon. Talk to Mrs. MacIntosh. Visit Mr. Sidewinder. Return to the saloon. Give Nate Trotter the sugar cubes. Go upstairs. Talk to Ruby*. Give her the fl
owers. When she leaves, go inside and look at another gun in the nightstand drawer. Do not take it. Exit room. Go outside. Talk to Jackalope. Talk to Mrs. MacIntosh and Farmer Quist. Go to the newspaper office. Talk to Chet Flippo and Jackalope.
Exit and go to Mr. Help's. Talk to the Belchers. Shoot Cobb, not Dale*. Speak to the mayor.

Day 2-evening: Get Hairpin & Information
Talk to Dale Belcheer in the jail. Note information he gives you about the Kid. Explore map, calendar, posters. Read the paper on the desk. Exit jail. Talk to Help. In front of saloon, talk to Marie. Go outside the Hotel and speak to Riviera.
Go to the target range, and face the fence of the governor's house. Overhear Marie and Bloodstone. Go to the intersection behind the saloon. Give biscuits to the hog. He will follow you within one step of the intersection, and allow you to pet him.
Go to the saloon. Talk to Jackalope. Talk to Oona. Go upstairs. Speak to Sophie. Get a hair pin. Overhear Nate and Ruby. Play poker & talk to Mez. Exit saloon. Go to the mission. Try to speak to Sonoma. Offer her the mask. Try to speak to
her again. Go to the hotel. Speak to Fearwitt & Laurel. Go upstairs and go to bed.

Day 3-Morning: Get Ring for Jackalope, Scorpion Matches, and Diary Pages
Speak to Riviera. Follow him downstairs. Talk to him again, and have breakfast. Check for messages, and talk to Riviera once more before exiting hotel. Speak to Doc Rodham. Go to the cemetery. Speak to the prairie woman. Talk to Laurel. Go to
Sidewinder's and overhear the conversation. Talk to Farmer Quist. Go to the town gate. Talk to Jackalope. Stop by the jail. Talk to Belcher, the mayor, and Belcher again. Note what he says about the Kid. Go to the target range. Practise shooting,
get the matchbox. (One or two bottles shot will be enough this time). Speak to Marie in front of the governor's house. Ask her to let you in again, and go into the dining room. Pick up the apple from the table, and exit house. Go to the livery stabl
e. Offer the apple to Ned. Exit livery. Turn right, click on the cow. Go into mission. Talk to Sonoma. Go into the school room. Open desk drawer, place matchbox on left side. Close drawer. Exit mission. Give apple to a horse. Go to Bolivar's.
Speak to Oona. She will give you a key to the saloon if you didn't get one from Ruby. Exit store. Speak to Mrs. MacIntosh. Go to livery stable and apothecary for conversation with the shopkeepers. Go to the back door of the saloon. Facing wall of sa
loon, door must be on the left of your screen. Open door and enter. Speak to Isao. Play piano*. Go upstairs. Speak to Sophie. See Ruby. Get ring. Exit saloon. Go to the mission. Pick up matchbox and the diary pages from the schoolroom desk. Go
to the town entrance and give Jackalope the ring. Speak to Mr. Help.

Day 3-Afternoon: Get the Flute and Black Book
Speak to Mr. Watson outside the stagecoach office. Go to the saloon. Have Gus fill the jug, if necessary. Speak to Riviera and Oona. Get book from Oona. (note-you can also get the book on Day 2 in the evening by going into Oona's room. Be sure to
pay off Riviera if you do that.) Go upstairs. Talk to Sophie and Ruby. Exit saloon. Go to Doc Rodham's. Get the prescription. Talk to the Prairie Woman in the cemetary, and Jackalope, who may be by the mission. Talk to Chet Flippo, go to the jail
and talk to Belcher. Note what he tells you about the Kid. Go to Bolivar's and talk to Marie. Go to the saloon and have the jug filled. Talk to Flippo, offering him the jug when he runs out of conversation. Give the prescription to Mr. Watson, in fr
ont of the stagecoach office. He will leave. Talk to Deadnettle in the stagecoach office, then go into the apothecary. Read the drug book, and compare with the prescription to find the right combination.* Fill the prescription, and take it to Doc Rodh
am. Go to the Hard Drive, and have the jug filled. Go to Sidewinder's. Offer him the jug. Get birdseed. Find the mayor, and talk to him. Give him the birdseed when he walks away. Visit Help's shop. Look at the items on his shelves. Talk to Mrs.
MacIntosh in front of her house. Go back to Doc Rodham's. Talk to Nate. Get the flute. Go to the saloon and talk to Ruby*. Go downstairs, play poker and talk to Mez.

Day 3-Evening: Get Silver Thunderbird, Sun Talisman, and defeat Bounty Hunters
Find the pig, give him the biscuits. Enter the governor's house. Talk to Mrs. MacIntosh. Go to the street outside the mission. Ring the bells, go to the cemetery. Speak to Marie. No not cooperate with her! Exit and find Laurel. Speak to her,
then find Jackalope and speak to him. Go back and forth between Laurel and Jackalope unitl their dispute is settled (?). Go to the bank. Open the safe*. Get the Sun talisman. Go to the saloon. Speak with Gus and Flippo (offer him a drink). Go upst
airs and overhear Ruby and Nate. Go downstairs and talk to Mez. Save game. Explore guns on the skull screen. Win shootout*. Return to saloon. See Mez. (note-you may get the silver thunderbird in a poker game before the shootout, or you may get it f
rom Mez afterward). Go to the hotel. Speak with Fearwitt. Talk to Riviera. Go outside your room and overhear the mayor and Bloodstone. Exit hotel and go to Leroy's cabin. Knock several times and listen to him until he stops. Go back to the hotel an
d go to bed.

Day 4-Noon: Defeat Kid's gunfighters and the Kid
Go downstairs. Talk to Fearwitt. Explore the town. Read grafitti on the fence outside the livery stable. (note-if you did not deposit money in the bank, you may find the robber at this time period, since the town is abandoned). Go to the saloon.
Talk to Nate and Jackalope until they both say "Let's Get 'Em!" Save your game!!
Win battle with the Kid's men*. (note-make use of the powder kegs) It may be necessary to save several times during the fight-once after every few gunfighters are beaten. There are about 20 of them.
Beat the Kid*!

Day 4-Evening-Get the Treasure
Read the black book. Talk to Sonoma at the Mission. Enter the mission schoolhouse. Go into the far door, which will now open for you. Put the sun talisman into the box. Go up the stairs to the bell tower and ring the bell. Go down the stairs, a
nd into the mission courtyard. Click on the fountain. Go under the mission. Do no be concerned if you are in complete darkness. Keep moving forward until you reach the central area.
Note there are 4 doorways, one for each of the 4 artifacts you have. The black book contains a legend for each artifact. Each legend has important information for solving that puzzle. Read carefully for seasons, phases of the moon, and times of d
ay. You should note the arrangement of the sundial before you begin, then align the sun dial in the center according to each legend in order to enter the room. The artifact will be used to solve the puzzle. Details follow:
Flute: Winter, 3/4 moon, morning
Click on the device on the right
Put the flute in the hole
Play the notes you heard Nate playing. They will repeat when played in correct sequence.*

Obsidian Knife: Summer, no moon, noon
Enter the room and turn around. Click on the knob.
Rearrange the hexagons to their original pattern. As you click on them, you will notice that some of the tiles affect others when moved. Exact solution is below*.

Mask: Fall, 1/4 moon, midnight
Enter the passageway, and note that your mask tips each time you pass an intersection in the labyrinth, and its eyes will turn green. Eventually, you will reach a skeleton. If you heard comments during game play about the use of the Yun
i mask, you will understand why the mask goes on the skeleton.*

Silver Thunderbird: Spring, Full moon, Morning
Click on the panel in this room, and put the thunderbird in place.
The symbols in the black book each have a particular meaning. Arrange a sentence telling what happened in the legend.*

A Kachina will appear. If you speak to him, he will instruct you to set the sundial to its original setting to return.* The treasure appears, and so does Bloodstone. Use a little ingenuity to defeat him.*

Day 5-Endings
Save your game, and then you can experience any and all of the endings you wish!

ADDENDUM: Solutions to the Puzzles

To get the knife from Laurel-"Okay, I'll leave"
"Do I look dangerous?"
"What do you do?"
"I ran into your cowboy friend"
"I'm going. . ."

To talk to Ruby, Day 1-Night "But I kiss better"
"Just my base appetite"
"How would I know if they're ripe?"
"Just like some people"
"I thought so at the time"
"Would a bath change your mind?"
"Goodbye, miss"

Страницы: 1 2 3

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