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Игра Rise of the Tomb Raider на ПК выйдет раньше, чем ожидалось
Мы уже привыкли к тому, что производители частенько не поспевают выпустить свой продукт к ранее запланированному ...
Battlefield Hardline не сходит с вершины британского чарта третью неделю подряд
Компания GFK Chart-Track обнародовала данные о продажах видеоигр за минувшую неделю на территории Соединённого ...
Авторы модификации к Battlefield 2 разрабатывают реалистичный шутер Squad
Если вы играли в шутер от первого лица Battlefield 2, то, вероятно, могли слышать о любительской модификации ...
Всё, доигрались. Blizzard Entertainment приступила к блокировке аккаунтов крымчан
Вслед за новостью о резком повышении цен на свою продукцию для граждан России компания Blizzard Entertainment ...
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Прохождение на Dust (стр. 3 из 3)   

Прохождение на Dust (стр. 3)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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To win the harmonica- You must shoot all the bottles and cans above the target range, and have at least 68% on the moving targets until you hit 12 of them. Then, a robot comes out of the floor. You can empty almost 2 barrels of ammo into it point blank
and raise your percentage. If the percentage is high enough (over 76%) Leroy will give you the harmonica. It is almost impossible to hit the moving targets by moving your gun around. Try sighting in on one spot and waiting for a target to appear. Try
hitting the lower part of a target. Just as with real moving targets, this gives you more time to hit it as it swings up and then down again.

The correct pattern to step on the stairs at the governor's house: Numbering stairs from left to right, step on 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 2.

To talk to Ruby-Day 2, morning: "Better late than never"
"Got a shovel?"
"I like a woman who can put her back into it"
"Well I wouldn't want to get you soaked"
"Manifest Destiny"
"What would that be?"
"You're driving me wild"
Note what she says about the Kid
Offer her the ring.

To talk to Ruby-Day 2, afternoon: "I want to know why you're so tough on men"
"So you hate us"
"But you're good"
"Seems more like the Unforgiven"
"What happened?"

Correct sequence for the piano: numbering sections from left to right, 5 1 1 3 2 4

Cobb Belcher wears the white shirt.

Correct Solution for the Prescription: Numbering bottles from left to right
1 2 5 7 8

Speak to Ruby, day 3 afternoon: "You seem pretty loose to me. . ."

Bank Safe Combination-George Windfall's birth date 8/23/41

Shooting the 5 bounty hunters, Day 3, night: Each requires 4 bullets. There will be 2 approaching you on the street after you exit the saloon. Exit saloon, check gun, turn right, move 1 step forward. Wait for the gunmen to approach. There is one behi
nd the well, and one behind the coffins by Sidewinder's. You can kill him without being shot at by standing next to Leroy's cabin. (aha!). There is one more on the balcony above the saloon. Don't come in via Main Street-go around by the livery, between
the stagecoach office and the hotel.

Shooting the Kid's men: there are 20. Three will approach you from the street after you leave the saloon. There may be two more behind you just after that. There is one by the tree in the graveyard, one by the water tower behind the fence, one on the
crates by the stagecoach office, one on top of the roof over the apothecary, one in the mission bell tower. Three will appear at the end of Main street by Help's or between the bank and the saloon. If they are near a keg, blow it up. The final three w
ill appear by the mission when you have killed the rest, and you will hear a crash. Two of them will be near a keg by the hotel, and can be killed with one bullet by blowing up the keg. The other one will require the usual 4 bullets. Notice that someti
mes your gun seems to fill up all at once when you open the barrel, then there is no ammo in it when you begin to shoot. Check the barrel each time just before you start shooting at a new group-there may only be 2 bullets in it, and you have to reload qu
ickly no matter how full the barrel was just a second ago. It takes quick action and a lot of saves to get through the whole battle. Don't save when the situation is hopeless, go back to an earlier saved game. Sometimes you will have to approach from a
different direction to get them. SAVE YOUR GAME!!

To kill the Kid: To buy a little more time, and psyche him out, say the following things: "Guess nothing impresses the son of a librarian"
"Yeah, right. I think the name for you was Buckethead"
"Better than wearing silk long johns like you"
"They know he's hung like a prairie dog!"
"Looks like your cigar has gone out. Here, have a light."
As the screen for the showdown appears, quickly (and I mean quick!) click your hand, gun, the Kid's chest. This may take several tries before he is the one dead, not you. You will get the knife back that you pinned him with in the poker game which star
ted the story. As it turns out, this is one of the artifacts needed to get the treasure.

Mission Puzzle Solutions:
Flute-holes numbered top to bottom, click on 3 5 2 4 1

Dagger puzzle-Numbered clockwise from the top, the tiles surrounding the center face are 1 through 6, 4 being on the bottom. Notice that if you adjust one of the tiles, the tile two positions counterclockwise will also move, as will the center face. If
you then adjust the face to upright, the tile you moved will move back again. For instance, if you move #6, #4 will adjust and stay that way when the center is repositioned, but #6 will move again with the center. So, you can use #1 to correct #5, #2 t
o correct #6, and so on. Keeping this in mind, continue adjusting until all tiles are correct.

Mask-If you follow the TOP of the mask at each intersection, you will eventually reach the skeleton. Because the Yuni gave each corpse a mask in order that it might properly rest, put the mask on the skeleton. This is one puzzle that could have been don
e very sensitively to add a lot to the story. Imagine, instead of a dancing skeleton, you happened upon Nate's wife's skeleton laid out on a bier in the labyrinth. You put the mask on her, and her spirit goes to its proper rest. This, you could report
to Nate when you finished retrieving the treasure. Just a thought. . .

Thunderbird Puzzle-The correct arrangement of symbols will read "Mesa Bird Open Evil Sky"

The correct arrangement of the sundial at the end is "Spring, Full Moon, Midnight"

Finally, to get rid of Bloodstone, arrange the symbols to say "Mesa Bird Kill Evil Man." Turn around quickly to watch him get zapped.

Enjoy the endings-they are just as good as the story itself! I sure hope they do Dust 2. . .

Страницы: 1 2 3

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