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Коды на EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus   

Коды на EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


You play the role of young Adam, who join Delphineus, the dolphin
on a quest to find the great whale, King Cetus. First you must
gain the trust of the citizens of Eluria before they help you.
Next you are to fullfil the prophecy of the Oracle and to save


You begin the quest at your home. Talk with your father. Look at
the seagull. Poor thing, it's covered with oil. Take the detegent
and the rag beside the box. Pour some detegent on the rag and use
it to clean the seagull. Before your father leave, he'll pass you
a bottle of fertilizer and a transmitter. Look at the tank of
water. It's full of oil, pour some of the fetilizer inside and
let the bacteria eats up the oil. Look at the cage, the gerbil
is thirsty. Get the water beside the cage and give it to the

Take the letter on the chair. It contains your certificate and a
membership card. Take the letter on the chair and dump it in the
recycle box. Look at the computer. Look at it a second time to
play King Quest V. Get the aluminium can on the table and throw
into the recycle box. Pick up the trash bag. Look at the
blackboard. Click on the individual part of the drawing for more

It's time to leave the room. Open the door with the combination
number 9731. You are now inside the swimming pool. Read the
instructions on the blackboard. Talk to dolphin a few times. Get
mackeral from the bucket and feed the dolphin a few times. Go
inside the pool and ride the dolphin. Get the frisbee and throw
it at the dolphin. Play with the dolphin until it starts talking.
Talk to it. It's name is Delphineus. Throw the frisbee at the
dolphin a few more times. Look at the propeller and see how it
was kept safe. Pull the lever beside the gate to open the hatch.
The dolphin will then swim away.

Days Passed...

The dolphin has return. Open the cabinet and get the swimming gear.
Wear the swimming gear and enter the sea. Swim around until you
reach the cruiser. Pick up all the rubbish with your trash bag.
Pick up the bottle.

(Note : I did not manage to stop the cruiser oil leak, maybe you
can figure it out yourself.)

Swim to the left until you see an island. Put on your oxygen tank
and dive into the water. Swim in the weed until you have found
the city of Eluria.

Swim to Eluria. Pick up the iron cage and gather all the rubbish.

Enter the temple. Get the bronze couch shell. Swim outside. Look at
the statue with the trident. Give the couch shell to the servant,
take the trident. Go to the temple again. Use the trident to poke
the three eyes. The Oracle appears, talk to it. Arrange the mosiac.
The Oracle will then ask you three riddles and tell you to click
on the picture to answer it. For my case the 3 answers are : MAN,
FISH and LOVE. (I don't know whether everytime the same riddles
will be asked or not) The oracle will tell you to gain the trust
of the citizens of Eluria before it tell you the prophecy.

Swim outside. Enter the building with a few pillar. Talk to the
golden mask. Turn the pillar until all 9 parts are in the correct
position. Talk to the hermit crab, Superfluous. Exit.

Swim to royal garden. Pick up all the trash. Use the fertilizer to
remove the oil from the coral. The lobster, Demeter, will appear
and give you a healing potion. Pick up the oily shell that have
just fallen. Exit.

Swim to fish department. Pick up all the trash, and get the cotton
cloth. Use the cotton cloth to clean the oily shell. Exit.

Go to find the hermit crab and give the shell to it. It will give
you a badge.

Swim to the fish department. The watchman, Gregarious, will appear
when you try to enter any of the department. Show the badge to it
to gain entry. At this time, a blowfish was caught in a plastic
bag. Push it into it's apartment. Remove the plastic bag from it.
The blowfish, Narcissus, will give you some sea urchin.

Enter the apartment of the anglefish, Epidermis. Talk to it. Use
the sea urchins to eat up the algae from the plant. You get a
sharp shell as a reward.

Look for the apartment of the swordfish, Hippocrates. Cut the six
pack rings using the shell. You receive a fish bone tweezer as a
reward. Pick up the 6 pack rings. Cut it with the shell and then
trash it.

Look for Erraneous, the turtle apartment. Talk to it. Pull the
string out of it mouth and use the fish bone tweezer to remove
the balloon. The turtle will give you 4 screws. Put the balloons
into your trash bag.

Look for the watchman apartment. Talk to it. Follow it to the
surface. Talk to fisherman. Use the 4 screws on the cage and then
use it to fix the propeller.

Return to the fish apartment. Pick up the water pump and remove
the additional trash. Enter Olympic, the lionhead fish apartment.
Remove the chlorine bottle and use the water pump to clean up
the chlorine. Talk to lionhead fish, get a spine from it.

Now, you are ready to attend the meeting. After the meeting, get
the gold mask. Enter the temple. Show the gold mask to the Oracle
and it will give you the prophecy. Exit Eluria.

Swim to the giant head. Pick up the mirror and remove all the trash.
If you have clean up all the rubbish in the game, you receive a
certain award and gain some additional points.

Swim right until you reach the anemore, enter the cave there. Look
the a key on the skeleton. Pull the pike out (twice). Open the
chest to free the crab. Swim out the cave. Get the key. Too
late, the red fish swallowed it. There is no need to follow the
red fish immediately. So, do the following task when you reach
appropriate screen.

At the octopus place, pull the cable. Then show the mirror to the
octopus and then get the cable.

At the submarine, use the trident to open the box to get the
floating bulb. Pick up the fish lure. Open the storing cabinet
behind the seat and get the hacksaw, trash the hammer head.

Swim to the toxic cave, touch the red fish. It's will swim back to
the anemore.

At the octopus, use the bottle on the octopus. Hide inside the
plant and watch what happened. The octopus has opened the
bottle for you. Get the bottle.

Swim back to the anemore, the red fish is being eaten by the
anemore. Use the fish lure on it. Since the anemore can only
can't digest the key, it got vomit out. Get the skeleton key.

Go to the giant head. Use the bottle on the ear to catch the
flashlight fish.

Swim to the toxic cave. Release the flashlight fish to light up
the cave. There is a brick wall inside the cave. Remove the
brick one by one until you see something among the rocks. Look
at the rock, there is a metal box hidden there. Use the oily
rag to ease the lock, and then open it with the skeleton key.
There is a suit inside, get it and wear it. Enter the hole.
Attach the followings together: floating bulb, transmitter and
cable. Then tied them to the barrels of toxic.

Wait for the divers to clear up the toxic...

Swim through the toxic cave to reach the boat. Use the trident to
open the cabin door. Watch out, flesh-eater is behind you. Swim
all the way until you are caught in the drift net. Use the shell
to cut yourself free. In the meantime, the dolphin is captured
by flesh-eater.

Swim to the boat, use the trident to open the cabin door. Enter
the cabin door and follow the cable until you found King Cetus.
Talk to it. Swim away until you see the full view of it. Click
the hand on Cetus mouth to enter its mouth. Use the hacksaw to
cut the harpoon shaft. Swim outside and pull the shaft out. Use
the healing potion on the wound to save Cetus.

Follow Cetus to the boat. Swim to the manta's cave when Cetus is
fighting with it. Use the shell to cut the drift net to free the
Delphineus. Swim outside. Use the spine to attack flesh-eater.
Note that you must attack at the right time. When you have
strike the manta, Cetus will defeat it.

From here onwards, just sit back and watch the ending.

Well Done !!! You have completed the game.

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