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Игра Rise of the Tomb Raider на ПК выйдет раньше, чем ожидалось
Мы уже привыкли к тому, что производители частенько не поспевают выпустить свой продукт к ранее запланированному ...
Battlefield Hardline не сходит с вершины британского чарта третью неделю подряд
Компания GFK Chart-Track обнародовала данные о продажах видеоигр за минувшую неделю на территории Соединённого ...
Авторы модификации к Battlefield 2 разрабатывают реалистичный шутер Squad
Если вы играли в шутер от первого лица Battlefield 2, то, вероятно, могли слышать о любительской модификации ...
Всё, доигрались. Blizzard Entertainment приступила к блокировке аккаунтов крымчан
Вслед за новостью о резком повышении цен на свою продукцию для граждан России компания Blizzard Entertainment ...
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Прохождение на Fate Of Atlantis (стр. 2 из 3)   

Прохождение на Fate Of Atlantis (стр. 2)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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wall and I almost busted a gut laughing so hard.
Anyway, go to
Algiers. (NOTE: You could go to Algiers first and then come here,
but this way is more fun.)


Go to the knife thrower and talk to him. He'll ask for a
Talk to Sophia about volunteering and she'll refuse.
Get her to go close to him and then push her. The knife-thrower will
do his act and give you a knife in gratitude.
Then go to the back
alley (the shop) and take the mask that's hanging there.
Go back to
Monte Carlo.

MONTE CARLO (2nd time)

Repeat the process (like the first seance) but this time use the
mask from the shop. Trottier will shit in his pants and haul ass
when he see's Nur-Abster.
You'll take the Sunstone.
Go outside and fly to Algiers.

ALGIERS (2nd time)

Go to Omar (the shopkeeper) and give him the stone. He'll blabber a
Then trade your mask for anything he has.
Then try giving
what he gave you to the grocer. The grocer will tell you no (or yes
if you're lucky) and give you a clue as to what he really wants.
back to Omar and trade again until the grocer gives you a squab.
Give the squab to the beggar and he'll give you a balloon ticket.
Go up to the roof and give the ticket to the guy. Use the balloon.
The balloon will go up but a rope will prevent it from going up.
ut the rope with the knife. Now you'll be flying around the
You'll have to land at the nomad camps and ask the nomads
about the map Omar gave you. They'll tell you in what direction to
Keep asking until and X appears on the ground somewhere.
there and a Nazi will shoot your balloon down.
Go left towards the


Sophia will walk to the table next to the truck and fall into a
Walk to the ladder and go down into the pit. It'll be pitch
Talk about realism in this game: the longer you stay in the
dark, the better you'll see as your eyes get accustomed to the lack
of light (just like in real life).
Look around (move the mouse
around) and touch everything that pops up on the command line.
Pick up the: long tubular thing (hose), the sharp piece of wood (ship's
rib), the blunt piece of wood (peg), the clay thing (clay jar with
orachilum bead inside). There's a portable generator in there with
an ON/OFF switch and a gas cap. Go outside to the truck. Use the
hose with the gas tank. Use the jar with the END of the hose. Pick
up the hose. Go back to the generator, open the metal cap and empty
the jar into the pipe. Then use the on/off switch and the lights'll
go on. Now go to the right and use the ship's rib on the mural and
a hole will appear. Put the peg in the hole and put the Sunstone on
the peg. Look at it and align it according to the dialogue under
"at many outposts". A door will open and Sophia will come out and
give you a distributor cap and a amber fish (orachilum detector).
Turn off the generator and take the spark plug that's in it. Go to
the truck and use the spark plug and the distributor cap in the
engine. Use the truck and go to CRETE.


You'll be at a dock. Go left. There will be a bunch of rooms and
stones. Look around the rooms for a mural. It'll give you hints on
where to look for a bull's tail statue and a bull's head statue.
Cross the bridge that's there and take the surveyor's instrument
(transit). Look at all the stones and push the ones that are
loose. The statue will be under them. Use the transit on the
statue and look through it. Line up the crosshair with one of the
bull's horns until you see a line drawn on the screen. Do this for
both statues and the lines will triangulate and an X will be left on
the ground. Use the ship's rib on the X and you'll get the
MoonStone. Go back to near the dock. Use the two stones on the
pedestal and align them according to the dialogue under "at the
Greater colony". A door on the right will open. Go in.
You'll see a shelf with tree busts. Take two of the them and go
through the door. On the other side, use the whip with the statue
head in the doorway. It'll come to you and the gate will close.
Walk around. You'll get to a room with a minotaur statue. Whip the
head and it'll roll down onto the floor. Walk to where the head is
and the floor will go down. Mr. Sternhart will be there nice and
rotten. Pick up the WorldStone and the staff. Go to the waterfall
and use the chain that's behind it.

When go get to the place with the other shelf, put the busts on the
shelf so the gate opens. Go through the door and go up to the room
with the gold box and the counterweight. Use the staff on the chock
holding up the counterweight. Now leave and find the room with the
big face (directly underneath the room with the counterweight). Use
the staff in the face's mouth and the elevator will go up as the
counterweight comes down. Take the gold box and the beads under it.

Go back down the elevator and go to the back room. Convince Sophia
and hoist her up to the hole. She'll open the gate. Go through
it. No you'll have to use the amber fish to go on, but Sophia's
necklace causes interference. So talk to Sophia and get her to put
the necklace in the gold box. Then go to every room in that area
(after the gate) and use the amber fish until it points to the
wall. Then use the ship's rib on the wall and a door will appear.
Go through.

You'll be in the map room. Go to the spindle and use the stones
according to the dialogue under "to approach Atlantis". A door will
open. Go in and Kerner will follow you in. Give him the stones (if
you resist, he'll blow a hole in you) and use the ship's rib on the
right wall. You'll be back on the surface. There'll be a German
U-boat docked. Walk there.


Go to the hatch and open it. The wimpy Captain will come out and
he'll fall with a slap. Go down and use the lever (it'll break
off). Now talk through the intercom and and tell everyone to go to
the bow. Then go down and go left. Make yourself a sandwich with
the cold cuts and the bread. Take the mug on the shelf. Go left
and pull on the lever and the switch. Then go to the lower level
and fill up the mug with the battery acid. Go right from there and
talk to Sophia through the wall. Tell her to keep the guard busy
and leave. Go behind the guard and take the plunger on your right.
Now walk up to the guard. He'll turn and face you and ask you
something. Mention something about a pail or bucket and Sophia will
understand that she has to use the pail next to her to bonk the

Страницы: 1 2 3

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