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Прохождение на Asghan (стр. 2 из 3)   

Прохождение на Asghan (стр. 2)
только чит коды, прохождения, советы и пароли к играм


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5. Take a left turn at the junction and walk towards the first ruins.

6. You need to kill 2 Archers situated on the top of the first ruins and
also kill a knight and pick the scroll that he drops. Then find a
switch on the side of the wall to open the door into the Barracks.

7. Once you have completed the Barracks level you need to carry on
through the forest. After a while you will reach a junction, take the
left path and climb down the cliff.

8. You will come across a key trapped inside a magical force field. To
release the key you need to shoot at all five glass globes that are
hanging around the key.

9. Once you have the key proceed back up the cliff avoiding the moving
snowball at the top. Once at the top travel back to where the path
diverted off and go down the right path that runs adjacent to where
the snowball rolled down.

10. Carry on along that path until you reach the Iceberg level.


1. Kill the two Knights, and search the first two rooms for keys, try and
open all of cupboards (do not open the cupboard at the far end of the
first room as it is booby trapped).

2. Continue walking down the corridor, you will come across a Knight and
an Archer, kill them. Next you will find a kitchen here you can find
some food.

3. Keep following the corridor and you will find 3 swinging blades dodge
these and watch out for the spike trap around the corner.

4. If you carry on going you will find some stairs down to a room full of
blocks, kill the Chaos knight that guards this room.

5. Here you need to activate the levers to move the wooden blocks into
the correct position. When all the blocks are in position you can
climb up and from the top you can jump to the doorway into Morghan#s

6. Kill Morghan pick up his key and collect all of the spells, next you
need to jump on the chair at the end of the room, this opens the door
to get out.

7. While you are in the barracks you need to visit the torture chamber,
you can get to this through a doorway in the room with levers and
pillars. Kill the guard and then search around for a hobbits ear this
will come in useful for a spell later on.

8. Go back out to the forest.


1. In this level you need to jump across the icebergs and collect
3-dragon hearts (ingredient for the metamorphosis spell). Beware there
are several blue dragons flying around. The pillars holding the dragon
hearts are protected by crystal dragons.

2. On the other side of the Iceberg section there#s two crystal doors in
which Asghan has to shoot in order to progress. These ice doors are
divided into four sections and each section has to be shot with an
arrow in order to gain access.

3. For access to the dungeon of the female dragon Asghan needs to take
the ice door to the right. When you have destroyed the ice door
proceed until you reach a Mongolian merchant. Stop and talk to the
Mongolian merchant and make sure that you purchase a hobbits ear.

4. Continue through the gate to the second ruins.


1. When you arrive at the second ruins, you need to climb up the walls
and activate two switches to open the door to the dungeon.

2. Enter the dungeon and follow the path round to the right. You should
arrive in a small room where a dead rat lies. Pick up the dead rat,
exit the small room and descend the rope to the bottom part of the

3. Here you have to solve the mechanical puzzle; the object is to get a
stone ball from one side to the other so it can activate a switch. To
do this you need to operate the levers in the right order at the right

4. Once the ball has activated the switch you can use the teleporter.

5. The teleporter takes you to a tower, from here you need to walk across
a platform dodging the swinging axes.

6. Head through the mine slaughtering the mining dwarfs on the way and
turn to the left when you come to the end of the mine. You will reach
a room occupied by a dwarf wizard kill him and pick up the spell book
that he drops.

7. Now you can use the cauldron to mix a spell of metamorphosis. The
ingredients for this potion are - 1 x dead rat, 1 x demon horn, 1 x
shell, 3 Dragon horns and 1 x Hobbit ear.

8. While you are in the wizards chamber find and activate the lever.

9. Next you need to find a dragon hunter who has been changed into an
Orc. Exit the room and head straight on. You will arrive at another
area of mine and finally transparent platforms. Follow the transparent
platforms until you reach two spider like enemies and another lever.
Activate the lever and proceed left where there is another set of
transparent platforms. Jump across this set of platforms and enter
through another opening in the wall into another area of mine.

10. In this mine you can either carry straight on or you can turn right
into the black dragon#s hatchery. Carry straight on and find the Orc
who changes into the black dragon hunter (the Orc is easy to spot
because he#s stood still crying). The black dragon hunter will
activate your metamorphosis sword, which means you are ready to attack
the female dragon. Return to the mine and turn left into the black
dragon#s hatchery. Destroy the dragon and return back to the area
where you left the transparent platforms

11. Once you arrive at the transparent platforms you may notice a set of
platforms leading back to the area where you started the stage. Jump
across these platforms and leave the dungeon.


1. Kill the large blue dragon.

2. You will come across a bridge to get across it, you need to stand on
the pressure pad wait for the skeleton to come out and attack you,
then run past it and cross the bridge.

3. Next you will find that the landscape is burnt out you are getting
closer to the volcano#s, there is a junction down the right path there
is a wall of fire blocking your way. If you travel left you will meet
a hobbit he will ask you to kill the dragon in the area, and if you do
so he will give you a potion of fire protection.

4. Go back to the junction and go down the right path you will reach a
wall of fire, here you need to consume the potion of protection and
walk through the firewall.

5. Next you will come across a bridge, activate the lever to lower it and
then jump and hit the bell.

Страницы: 1 2 3

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