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Игра Rise of the Tomb Raider на ПК выйдет раньше, чем ожидалось
Мы уже привыкли к тому, что производители частенько не поспевают выпустить свой продукт к ранее запланированному ...
Battlefield Hardline не сходит с вершины британского чарта третью неделю подряд
Компания GFK Chart-Track обнародовала данные о продажах видеоигр за минувшую неделю на территории Соединённого ...
Авторы модификации к Battlefield 2 разрабатывают реалистичный шутер Squad
Если вы играли в шутер от первого лица Battlefield 2, то, вероятно, могли слышать о любительской модификации ...
Всё, доигрались. Blizzard Entertainment приступила к блокировке аккаунтов крымчан
Вслед за новостью о резком повышении цен на свою продукцию для граждан России компания Blizzard Entertainment ...
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Коды на Conker's Pocket Tales   

Коды на Conker's Pocket Tales
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The Story:

"Surprise!" cheered Berri and friends as Conker stared
speechlessly at the mountain of presents before him. "Happy Birthday,

He thanked them heartily, jumping up and down as he eyed the stash
of gifts.

"Hold on", said Berri stepping between the squirrel and his
birthday hoard. "There's something else you have to do first..." She
gave a whistle, and in came a trolley bearing the biggest birthday cake
Conker had ever seen.

"Wow, Berri! This is great!", he exclaimed.

But Berri was frowning. "Hang on," she said suspiciously, "this
isn't the one I made..."

Suddenly the fake cake burst open with a crash. A bulky figure
sprang up from the wreckage, cackling as it landed amidst the presents
and started gathering them up for itself.

"Hey!" Berri squealed at the intruder. "What do you think

Quick as a flash, their uninvited guest turned on Berri and
grabbed her under one arm, even as it turned to flee with its haul of

"Conker!", came Berri's suddenly-panicked voice.

But by the time Conker had pushed through the stunned crowd and
made it to the door, the Evil Acorn and his captive were nowhere to be



When you start the game, you are in your house. (Isn't that where ALL
games start?) Well, walk around and get to know your controls. They are:
-CONTROL PAD to move (press the control pad twice in any direction to
-A to jump (also to read signs, talk to people, etc.)
-A twice to stomp
-B to swipe (untill you get the slingshot)
-START to pause
-SELECT to dig (to save, when paused)
Well, once you got all that down, go left to another room, get the items
(the game has descriptions) and then exit the house. Get more items by
your house, then go left to the dirt patch. Dig through, and get the
game's first present in the garden. Go back to the other dirt, south of
your home. When you leave your yard, there's a walking acorn. There's
millions of these walking acorns, who help you out if you talk to them.
Talk to this dude here. Now, to get to the Forest Guardian's house,
follow the path right, down, right, up, right, and up the steps, past an
acorn guy. Follow this path up to the Forest Guardian's house. When you
get there, collect the items, and go right to the other room. Talk to
the Forest Guardian. When he's done, take the 2nd present and the key.
To get to the weapon (slingshot), go to the windmill. Directions are to
exit the house, go down, and down the steps. Follow the path left, down,
left, up, left past your house, up, right, up, left, and up. Continue up
past the energy piece, and up the steps. Follow that path up, to the

Now, in the windmill, talk to the guy, then go past him to get the
items. go back, then go right, to the first puzzle. (In all puzzles, the
silver-colored blocks are numbered, starting at the upper left corner,
just reading like a book, sort-of.) So, push block 2 left, then up. push
block 1 up, and then enter the door. Get present #3, and go up the
stairs. Get the slingshot (yay!) and other items. Exit the windmill, and
head back to the Forest Guardian.

When you arrive, talk to the big chief, and play his target shooting
game. Not too hard, aim and fire with A or B. Almost impossible to lose.
When you win, you gain access to the forest, home of Forest Wong. So, to
get there, exit the house, and head north. Get present #4, and continue
upward. go right, and follow the path. Go left, up, left, and in the
house (either door is fine). Inside, get the energy, go left, and talk
to the guy (Forest Wong). Get the key, and head upstairs. Present #5 is
there. Exit the house, and head down to exit this area. Back at the
Forest Guardian's house, head down, left, down, left, and down. Cross
the bridge above the waterfall. Across the river, Follow the path untill
you reach a fork. Go left, and follow that path, then enter the house at
the end. Talk to the acorn guy in there, get present #6, and go through
the door. Follow the room around the corner, and into another puzzle
room. Push block 1 left, down, and right. Push block 3 down, then left,
and block 2 down. After that, go straight up, and up the stairs. In the
next room, go down, and press A twice to stomp on the rat. When he's
gone, go back downstairs, and in the left door, which is now open. Go
left, and kill the bat with the slingshot. exit the bottom door.

Back outside, go into the next house. Get the energy, and go right to
another puzzler. Push block 1 left, 2 left, then up, 3 up, and 4 right.
Now, exit the bottom door. Go left, to a switch puzzle. Stomp on the
switches, #1 first:
After that easy puzzle, go up and get present #7, stomp on the switch,
and go back downstairs, right, and down. Outside, go to the next house.
Collect the ammo inside as you head up. Stomp on the rat, and continue
up. Kill the bat and go down. Skip the next bat, and go back outside
again. Enter the big barn , left door. Go up, and kill the plant. Go
right, to another switch puzzle.
3 4
5 2
After that, go up through the opened door. In the large room, just exit
at the door on the bottom. Kill the 2 rats, go right, and down. Outside
(again), go right, and up into the cave. Run past the spider, go right,
and avoid the rock-cannons. Talk to the acorn fellow, and continue down.
Dig through the dirt, go left, and exit down. Go down the stairs, and
follow the path through the trees, down, right, and up. Talk to the
black acorn (the Evil Acorn!!) Get the energy and ammo, and prepare for
the first boss. Enter the cave.


This is the first boss. He's simple, don't worry a bit. To defeat him,
fire at the snake's head. To beat him without getting hit, just stand in
the narrow spot between 2 trees, so he won't touch you. Then when he
passes you, fire at his head. Simple, huh? After hitting him 5 times,
he's gone. Then, go back down, where you appeared, and go get present
#8. You have all 8 presents in The Forest! Go up the stairs, and enter
the portal.

You'll appear by an acorn guy. Chat, and go left. Pick up the paper
(party invite), and push the log in the water. Then, go up, cross the
river, right, and up the stairs. This is the barn, the entrance to level
2. You need 8 presents to enter. You got 8, so head inside! Talk with
acorn dude, and continue up. Stomp ratty, go right, down, and to the
switch puzzle:
1 2
Go up into the door. Another box puzzle! To do it, push number 1 left,
then up. 2 goes up and left, while 3 goes up, and 4 goes left. Go down
and right, get the key, and go back down.


You are now in Vultureville, level 2. There's alot of running around in
this level! You need 16 presents to re-enter the barn, so go left, and
up to the big building (right door). Go up, right, down, right, and up.
Talk to the dude, and hit the switch. Go back, and go all the way left,
then up through the door. Then go right, get present 9, and do the
switch puzzle.
1 3
4 2
Now, go back, and exit the south door. Go a bit right, then south,
through the fence. Make your way across the bridge into Vultureville.

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